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The Las Vegas Raiders were able to break out of the early hole 14-0 and win an impressive 33-27 victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

This was the first regular season match with fans at the Allegiant stadium, and the Raiders provided a great performance to the silver and black attended. Derek Carr and the offense were able to catch up aggressively with Lamar Jackson’s Ravens, but defensively, the unit played when the team needed it most.

Las Vegas seemed to have the game because it was in the Red Zone while working overtime, but a false start penalty leading to car interception brought Baltimore to life. But after Karl Nasib came up with a stripsack, Ravens and Jackson turned the ball over. Kerr then supplemented the miscue by finding Zey Jones wide open in the end zone.

Head coach Jon Gruden praised the defensive end for giving Nasib a deadline, playing and stepping up. “It’s big. He was a big hit at the end of the game. I think Gerald McCoy was injured, Yannick [Ngakoue] This guy, who played Lamar Jackson, is the magician there. He creates so many attacks without a script. [Defensive Coordinator] Gas Bradley did a great job, he and his staff.Give credit [defensive line coach] Rod Marineri, and certainly Karl Nashib, he has a great training camp and obviously needs to move forward. “

Nashib made history when he became the first openly gay NFL player to appear in the game, ending the night with gameplay.Nashib has been largely overwhelmed since then Signature with RaidersHowever, his play with Ravens should give some confidence in his upcoming productions.

The off-season story revolved around defense, and they showed the league that they were no longer the same dire unit they had in the last few years. However, Nashib and the Raiders don’t take much breaks in the second week as they are hit by the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers on the streets.

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Jon Gruden praises Karl Nashib for his first week performance Jon Gruden praises Karl Nashib for his first week performance

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