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If you get tired of becoming a UFC champion, Jon Jones It reached that point in 2020.

Including him First victory over Mauricio Rua In March 2011, Jones’ last 15 battles were either undisputed or an interim light heavyweight championship. All wins outweighed the best the division had to offer without a contest.

I was dissatisfied with the main reason why two-time UFC 205-pound champion Jones won the title in August in support of the long-awaited move to heavyweight division. Did he grab the belt and try to be one of the promotional champions? Perhaps if he wants. But Jones also wanted to be right next to the department, given his new direction.

“The reason I decided to open the light heavyweight belt and not stick to it was because I knew it would take a very long time to move to heavyweight,” Jones said in an interview. Bleacher Report.. “I didn’t want to be one of the athletes who would delay the division. I felt like I had been in the light heavyweight championship for a long time, ruining many people’s dreams of becoming a light heavyweight champion. I made it …

“I thought it was right for everyone. I did selfish things, grabbed it, came up with lots of excuses, lied to fans, and went back to light heavyweight. You might have said that you’re going to keep all these guys waiting. I didn’t want to do that. I’m not going back to light heavyweight. “

And with that in mind, Jones has been building frames over the past few months, so he turned his attention to winning the UFC Heavyweight title head-on. The time for Jones to compete for the title is in the air, but the recent presence of him and UFC president Dana White is a good sign. Had a good conversation about his future..

Currently, heavyweight champion Steve Miocchi is expected to meet Francis Ngannou in the rematch of the 2018 title battle that Miocchi won. Ngannou lost his next fight against Derrick Lewis, but since then he has made a big correction to the ship with four consecutive wins, featuring all first-round knockouts, to win his second crack at Miocchi.

White said Jones I was able to get a title shot with his heavyweight debut.. Miocchi vs. Ngannou 2 is expected to occur in the first quarter of 2021, so Jones’s shot could hit either man.

Defeating Miocchi and Ngannou reinvigorate Jones’ excitement of holding UFC Gold.

“It will feel great,” Jones said. “Somewhere on the line, a light heavyweight championship wrapped around my waist and the excitement and other emotions it was supposed to cause disappeared. It was just another day in the office. That was what we always do, but I haven’t won the heavyweight championship yet.

“Doing it for my family, for my team, and for all those who have invested in me for years will be new to all of us. . “

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Jon Jones vacated the LHW title out of boredom and never returned Jon Jones vacated the LHW title out of boredom and never returned

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