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They threw taunts, executives, shoes – and it was just a pre-combat press conference.

Then, on January 3, 2015, the world’s top two light heavyweights finally set foot in the UFC 182 cage, fighting for supremacy, competing for conflicting styles, personalities, and in fact completely different ways of life.

Did it solve anything? Yes and no. Jon Jones After all, he was the UFC light heavyweight champion. Daniel Cormier He first lost his professional career and went home. When Jones appears in a post-event show at FOX Sports 1 and Cormier expresses his heartfelt hope of “crying somewhere now,” they bury their hatchets and their unlikely friends evaporate. There was no hope that it might be.

Backs of Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier

At first it looked like the end of fierce competition, but instead turned out to be the end of the beginning. Within a few months, Cormier will be the champion and Jones will be imprisoned. And the carousel wasn’t spinning yet.

The story of how this great competition began is so ridiculous that it must be Both men, They first met behind the scenes at the 2010 UFC event. Cormier was unfamiliar with MMA and was an Olympic wrestler competing as a heavyweight. Jones was a wonder on his way to the UFC Light Heavyweight title.

“I came to (Cormier) with a big smile,” Jones later recalled. “He was another black man in the sport and I felt I needed to say hello to him. I was like,” Hey, I heard you’re a great wrestler. ” And he’s like, “Yes, yeah, you don’t know who I am?” I’m like “No, I don’t know who you are, but my coach told me you were fighting at the Olympic level.” And I was like, “I bet you that I can beat you.” It was a way to foster my new friendship, and he took it very seriously, and he was so offended that I didn’t know who he was, and from that moment on, he We decided to have beef in. “

Cormier did not disagree with the essential facts of Jones’ first meeting, but remembered the case somewhat differently.

“What I said was,’How do you break the ice by insulting someone?'” Cormier said. “That’s the only problem I’ve had. This was the first time I’ve interacted with him. He’s approaching me, a very tall man. He looks down on me and tells me I started making derogatory comments and talked about how I could easily beat me …. you don’t even know who I am, man! “

They will get to know you soon. Jones became the youngest champion in UFC history the following year, and Cormier took the place of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix, winning everything in 2012, shortly after UFC’s parent company bought the promotion.

But the heavyweight division was a big prospect for the UFC Cormier. His friend and teammate Cain Velasquez was once again an on-off champion and he was worried that he might be too small to hang out in the division for the long term. Prior to defeating Roy Nelson in his second match against the UFC, Cormier announced that he would move down the division for the next fight. The plan seemed almost guaranteed to put him on the track with Jones.

Still, Alexander Gustafsson was injured in the end to bring the men together. Cormier won his second straight win at £ 205 after the Swedish candidate withdrew from plans to rematch with Jones at UFC 178, but was happy to join.

To facilitate the fight, the UFC scheduled a press conference in the lobby of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas that August. This would normally have been presided over by Dana White, but according to former UFC Vice President of Public Relations Dave Sholler, the UFC president was on his way to Bali for a family trip. ..

Jon Jones, Dave Sholar, Daniel Cormier

The press conference went well until Jones and Cormier finally got together for a regular photo shoot showdown.So Sholer remembered later, There was something about how Jones walked around the stage with his belt on his shoulder.

“I will never forget to go,’this doesn’t feel right,'” said Scholar.

When Jones took off his sunglasses and approached Cormier and pressed his forehead against the challenger’s face, Cormier placed his hands on Jones’ neck and pushed him back (see above). Jones responded without hesitation, dropped the title belt and proceeded to Cormier. Paused for enough time to throw Sholar out of the way when he tried to intervene.

“The only thing I remember was grabbing Jon Jones with his biceps and for some reason I thought I was going to stop him,” Scholar later said.

He didn’t. Few people on earth can have it at that moment. Then, when some people flooded the stage and tried it, Jones flew it with his left hand as a melee attack swirled from the stage to the floor of the lobby. Cormier later threw his shoes in the general direction of Jones, letting you feel how quickly the sense of order collapsed.

Hostility was that Jones waffled and both boiled on the air, even when they were later separated for an ESPN interview. Between his public and private personas When he cursed the incredible Cormier:

For the UFC, it was a godsend. The press conference brawl was touted to the point of almost ruining the fight (Jones was later fined by the Nevada Athletic Commission and assigned community services as a punishment), with more end result in pairing. It was just a media frenzy that attracted attention, while creating more incendiary footage for future use.

Unfortunately for the UFC, Jones’ injury forced him to postpone and the match was moved from UFC 178 to UFC 182. By that time, some of the mainstream interest in combat may have cooled. But for fighters, it was still easily the biggest match in either man’s career.

The battle took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The MGM Grand Garden Arena is the same building we quarreled in the lobby four months ago. In the promotion of the event, Cormier explained that MMA’s journey was to find a man who proved to be equal to him.

The first sign that he might have found it when Jones caught Comier’s kick and wiped his other leg from underneath came in the first minute of the fight. This was Cormier’s first takedown in his 16-round professional career.

Jon Jones

For Cormier, it soon became clear that the challenge was not only to get inside Jones’ famous reach, but to do damage when he got there. He tried to stab Jones’ left hand past his sharp elbows much earlier in the fight, but only managed to get close to his knee.

Still, by the end of the first round, Cormier had found his range and landing punches. Second he started attacking Jones’ body with kicks and knees, and Jones agreed to spend more time fighting near where Cormier could reach him.

“That’s the fighting dog I want!” Comier coach Javier Mendes told him in the corner between the rounds.

But Jones did not forgive. He approached his elbow and attacked with a kick from a distance. He choked Cormier against the clinch fence and seemed to be taking over the fight little by little.

When he returned to his corner before the fourth time, the coach of Comie begged him to increase his output.

“Do you want this?” Mendes asked.

“I’m trying,” Cormier replied.

Daniel Cormier

However, as the battle progressed, various Jones attacks appeared to have hit Cormier. He defeated Cormier two more times in the fourth round and then threw it on the mat three times with his horn.

The coach of Comie, wearing a T-shirt with the words “Break Bones,” informed him that he had to finish Jones to win. Exhausted Cormier could only nod his head before returning to the battle he was clearly losing now.

In the last minute of the fifth, Cormier finally managed the takedown and quickly recovered Jones. As he tried to dig a one-legged takedown in the last few seconds of the fight, Jones smiled and raised his fist, celebrating instead of defending.

When Cormier gave up the takedown just before Horn, Jones returned to the fight for enough time to sneak a few more punches before the fight was over. A frustrated Cormier counterattacked behind the horn, almost cutting out the referee Herb Dean with his right hand. Jones responded with the universal language of professional wrestling gestures.

The scorecard wasn’t a surprise. All three judges Gave Jones a fight with a score of 49-46.. In a post-combat interview, Jones advised those who purchased the Comier “Break Bones” shirt to seek a refund.

“Look at the contents of this shirt.” Jones asked himself, gesturing. “According to Reebok, it says’Unbroken’. This team is unbroken. And yet.. “

Jones flaunted the takedown edge in the fight, so he paused for enough time to apologize for his own behavior.

“I’m sorry I’m classless now,” he said. “I don’t like’DC’. That’s why I’m doing this.”

He also continued to curse his opponent in a post-combat interview. Cormier found his way behind the scenes and was embraced by his teammate Velázquez. While the UFC camera is watching..

At that time, the battle seemed to close an important chapter. Jones was a better fighter. Cormier got stuck in second place. With this knowledge, we can all move on.

Three days after the fight, the photo was complicated when NSAC Secretary-General Bob Bennett confirmed that Jones had it. Tested positive for cocaine metabolites A few weeks before the match.The news is paired with the announcement that Jones is going into rehab, where he All night..

That April, Jones will be arrested after Hit-and-run accident In Albuquerque, New Mexico, a pregnant woman broke her arm. This was bad news for his next planned title defense against Anthony Johnson. Shortly thereafter, the UFC announced that Jones had been stripped of his belt and suspended “indefinitely.”

However, the title battle at UFC 187 in May went as planned. However, as Jones disappeared, Cormier received the call again. This time he went home with his belt. He will hold it for another two years until he meets Jones in his rematch at UFC 214. Knocked out in the third round.

It was a preliminary result, at least until it was announced that Jones had Another drug test failed – This time is the steroid Turinabol. Just like that, Cormier became the champion again, thanks to another Jones failure. And the carousel turned again. It’s still spinning.

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Jones-Cormier’s first battle (pressers do not count) Jones-Cormier’s first battle (pressers do not count)

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