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It was about Jets’ off-season last year, but it seems to be a secondary story in the coming off-season.

What can Jets General Manager Joe Douglas do to fix the attack line?

After last year, Douglas vowed to rebuild the line and he put a lot of resources into the problem. Jets used the first draft topic on left tackle Mekey Becton, signing three free agents as starters and resigning one of his free agents as a starter.

The results are mixed.

This line wasn’t a complete disaster, but it doesn’t show the surge that Jets wanted from last year. This line is actually working better these days with two backups on the alert. The unit defeated the Rams on Sunday for the best match, neutralizing Los Angeles star defensive lineman Aaron Donald in most matches, limiting the Rams to two bags, and Frank Gore playing in the fourth quarter. I made a hole to freeze it.

Joe Douglas
Joe Douglas, General Manager of Jets
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“I think everyone did a good job,” said Adam Gace. “We played some good games, we played some good hurry games, and we played some good games when it comes to protection. Last week everyone worked I thought it was a good example of what we were doing. We opened quickly, put out the ball quickly, and the guys protected it long enough. We did a good job as a whole group we work with. ”

Becton was the only home run in Douglas. The 6’7 monster has responded to the hype of his draft. He is fast enough to keep people away from the ball and reach the second level of defense. The only knock in Becton’s rookie year is that he couldn’t stay healthy and missed two complete games and some of the other three games.

Becton is a building block that should exist with Jets for the next 10 years.

“From the beginning, when we got to the field, how he picked up everything, and when we put on the pads and saw the strength of his contact when playing soccer, I I think. He was on the line of scrimmage and I was really impressed with it, “Gase said. “I’m wondering how fast he can do-he’ll fix it really fast, as if he made a mistake.”

With the exception of Becton, the only member of the attack line that will definitely return is Center Connor McGavern. His $ 8 million salary in 2021 is fully guaranteed. Other Douglas-signed free agents—working on Georgephant, defending Greg Van Loo, defending Alex Lewis — have little or no guaranteed money. If Phantom is on the roster on March 22, his salary of $ 4.45 million is guaranteed. Van Roten guarantees $ 250,000. Lewis no longer has guaranteed money.

Lewis has been on the non-soccer injury list since last month after seeking help with personal issues. His play was inconsistent in the second season with Jets. Van Roten is currently on the disabled list. After a slow start, he played well later this year. The phantom is solid. Jets also has Pat Elfline. They were exempt from the Vikings in the middle of the season. The elf line has replaced Lewis with a left guard and is a solid addition. He has been a free agent since this year.

Overall, Rhein struggled to communicate in stunts, not only being hit individually, but also struggling to work together. The 38 bags allowed will be ranked 26th in the NFL.

The big problem with this line was that traditional off-season and pre-season didn’t work together. The unit also has continuity issues with a combination of eight different starting lines this season due to injuries.

Douglas was able to tackle this route with free agents such as Joe Tony and Brandon Shelf, who are expected to hit the market. He will certainly be added to the NFL Draft line as well. There is also the idea that if Jets finishes in second place, Douglas should tackle Penay Seawell in Oregon to form a bookend with Becton.

Line modifications are not a top priority for Douglas this offseason. He will have to hire a coach and make big quarterback decisions, but if Jet improves next season, Douglas’ ability to fix the attack line will be important.

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Jor Douglas has a big offensive line decision coming Jor Douglas has a big offensive line decision coming

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