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Utah Jazz currently holds the best record in the NBA.They also have a Sixman of the Year favorite at the age of 28 Jordan Clarkson..

Clarkson dominated the Philadelphia 76ers on February 15th, scoring 40 points from the bench. This was yet another performance that solidified his candidacy for the NBA’s 6 MOY.Latest odds Moved to -305 in support of 6’5 guards. This gives him an implicit probability of 75.3 percent.

It was over a year ago that Jazz acquired Clarkson in its second draft topic. Dante Exam However, this move has already brought overwhelming benefits to the organization.

Including his teammates Joe InglesI was very impressed with what Clarkson was able to achieve (via Salt Lake Tribune):

“I’ve never played with someone like JC on or off the court. I’m very trapped in what his role is and I’m very comfortable with the role he has. It’s pretty cool to play. “

This is enough praise for Clarkson, who averages his career’s highest 18.2 points per game. He is shooting 95.8 percent from the free throw line and 46.2 percent from the field. Both are the best of his career.

This is especially impressive given that he is shooting a large number of shots across the arc, as is his entire team. Clarkson, who had never reached six 3 pointers per game until this year, is now trying 8.4 3 pointers per game.

Specifically, he was able to create these opportunities more often for himself. This is a very important trait for anyone playing with the second unit.

Before this season 77.4% His three-pointer came from Assist, averaging 1.85 points for every 100 unassisted three-pointer possessions.These marks have changed dramatically this season and are now 64.4% And 6.3 points per 100..

His shot selection has improved dramatically over the years by choosing shots that are more meaningful in modern attacks.

As a newcomer in 2014-15 According to glass cleaningA whopping 27 percent of his attempts came from the long midrange. This zone is measured by the distance from the free throw line to the three point line and is widely considered to be the least efficient in basketball. This year he took them with only 1 percent of his total attempts.

On the other hand, another point of success is how well he performed as a ball handler for pick and roll sets.

Clarkson has developed excellent chemistry on screens and rolls Derrick FavorsWas a key pickup for jazz this offseason, and Rudy Gobert..

For each Synergy, he averages 1.12 points per possession of PnR actions.

Of all the players who have recorded 100 opportunities in this play type, only three are more efficient. Stephen curry, Kawhi Leonard And Damian Lillard..

But it’s not just his ability as a scorer that has stood out so far this season. Sarah Todd Insist (via Deseret news):

“Jordan Clarkson can do everything. Limits. I don’t want to hear him being said to be a man who can get a bucket purely. He’s completely changed, evolved and game He is working much harder on the defensive side than he praises. Clark, including spin moves, lowdowns against clever guards, contested shot hits, open 3-pointer knockdowns, block shots, etc. Son is almost always playing well. “

His main skills are the ability to heat up with spark plug scoring and pinching. But so far, his defensive rebound rate (12.6%) And the percentage to steal (1.6%) Both are the best marks of his career.

Utah has an opponent 9.7 points for every 100 items you have When he was on the floor. Clarkson has a huge influence on jazz and is very important in supporting the domination of jazz this season.

If Clarkson advances the season in the same way, he’s bound to win the NBA’s Sixman of the Year.

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Jordan Clarkson is an overwhelming favorite for winning the Sixman of the Year Jordan Clarkson is an overwhelming favorite for winning the Sixman of the Year

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