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UFC Star Jorge Masvidal recently confirmed on social media that he and Jake Paul, who turned from YouTuber to professional boxer, are in a hostile relationship. According to “Gamebred,” YouTube stars once tried to provoke him by sending him “jokes and memes.” Joe Rogan’s huge weekly wage revealed

Jorge Masvidal reveals garbage story from Jake Paul

Masvidal claimed that Paul was telling him the trash through his direct message because he didn’t have the courage to do the same in real life.Guest appearance in the latest episode of MMA hour, Jorge Masvidal said:

“He knows he can’t meet face to face and say anything about it at the end of the day, unless he has 50 bodyguards and I’m alone. At the end of the day, I can pick up this little kid at any time and hit him hard through the concrete, so he will be invalid for the rest of his life. “

Masvidal also called on Paul. A YouTube star who defeated the former UFC welterweight division and built his boxing career, recently showed Masvidal his preferred opponent. However, according to “Gamebread,” he has an important business to solve other than fighting Paul. Masvidal added:

“Now I’m going to fight the best fighters in the world in my career. We can agree that they are in the UFC. Lots of good guys at £ 170 And I was able to beat them, and I’m going to get the most money out of it, my brother. Well, when I’ve finished defeating the world class fighters, this is still going on If so, I’m going to collect a simple salary for hitting him and fight fiercely in front of the whole world. Those other options are always there. But now, while I’m the prime minister, I have to do what their prime ministers do, and it’s the best fight in the world. He hasn’t participated in the conversation or will continue to do so. “

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Jorge Masvidal can’t fight Jake Paul for amazing reasons Jorge Masvidal can’t fight Jake Paul for amazing reasons

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