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UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman doesn’t think Jorge Masvidal wanted to be a full champion when given a chance at UFC 251.

The main event between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal was held together six days before Gilbert Burns withdrew from the match due to a positive COVID test. Much was made by stepping up to such a short notice to accept work as high as Masvidal trying to seize Kamaru Usman’s throne, but Usman is also new to Usman. A partner who believes to gain credibility by agreeing to put it all at risk in just a few days in preparation.Usman also believes that adapting to the new environment and overcoming a broken nose created a new environment. UFC 251 Allocation is even more burdensome.

Usman Chalk UFC 251 Performance to Masvidal’s Complacency

Eventually, Kamaru Usman did his job against Masvidal with a one-sided unanimous victory, many of which were fought with cages. But that’s it. Usman’s widely criticized performance was only performed that way because one of the two made it possible, and the champion says it was his opponent, not him.

“In the fight against Masvidal, there was a certain place where he confronted the fence. I think,” I’m not keeping him here. ” I work, but I’m not keeping him here.He can get off if he wants, “Usman said. Recently told ESPN.. “He has to use his energy to get off, so I want him to get off. I want him to get off.

Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal for the UFC 251 cage. Image: Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC

“And he just hugged me, made a little face and made me look like I was hugging him there. And I’m not restraining you here. You You can get off, but he was happy to be there, so I’m like, “OK, if you’re happy to be there …”. “

Jorge Masvidal wants the opportunity to become the UFC champion and has always said he will make the most of it when the day comes. Well, whether it was a six-day notice or not, Masvidal believes that when it happened, he lacked the true desire to have a proper fight.

“I’m a champion,” Usman said. “You have to come to remove this belt I.. But you don’t want to make it that bad. And that’s the biggest thing in my mind, the opponents, some of these guys will help me dictate how this fight will take place. If you don’t bring your A game, it will be an easy night for me. But when you come with you, you’re an A game, when you really see me take that dog out. “

Kamaru Usman’s next title defense will face former teammate Gilbert Burns at UFC258 on February 13. In two weeks, learn if Burns can bring out the welterweight champion “dog.”

What do you think of Kamaru Usman’s comment on Jorge Masvidal’s UFC 251 performance?

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Jorge Masvidal didn’t want to make it bad enough on UFC 251 Jorge Masvidal didn’t want to make it bad enough on UFC 251

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