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UFC star Jorge Masvidal recently joined MMA hour When he talked about Berator. He said he believed that things would change someday, like many fighters that were dissatisfied and made public, and he didn’t know what would catalyze.

Jorge Masvidal wants fighters to get a fair share of their earnings

Masvidal had to struggle when the UFC declined the offer to fight Usman. UFC 251 for what he said was less than the amount he earned to play against Nate Diaz in the UFC 244 in 2019. The promotion finally returned with a better offer that tied his revenue to the success of the event’s pay-per-view. Khabib’Humiliating’DM’s To Conor McGregor Leak

The figures for the July 2020 battle brought a great surprise to Masvidal. Despite his second defeat to the UFC Welterweight Champion nine months later, he remains a promotion draw. It’s a position he took more than 16 years to achieve, and there were many ups and downs in the octagon before a series of bottled Lightning performances that opened the eyes to his talent and personality as a UFC fan. Masvidal said his mission was to give fighters a fair share of the income generated by their work in the octagon.

He said:

“I think something will happen in the future, but I don’t know,” he said. “I think it’s messed up, so I want more people to pay attention. I think they just released it again. [revenue going to athletes] How much do they give to Bellator and other organizations? It’s crazy. “

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Jorge Masvidal drops the Verator bomb Jorge Masvidal drops the Verator bomb

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