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Abu Dhabi — Maybe 2021’s most anticipated UFC battle, which hasn’t actually been announced yet: Jorge Masvidal versus. Colby Covington..

This is a real grudge match between two former American Top Team teammates who dropped out as Masvidal (35-14 MMA, 14-8 UFC) stayed in the gym and Covington went ahead. This is a charismatic and controversial star match that can attract you whether you like it or hate it. It’s also a top-level welterweight match, with both competitors winning title shots in the last year and a half. , And Covington (16-2 MMA, 11-2 UFC) held the provisional belt.

One man who had a front row seat in the work of both fighters Jim was Mike Brown, a former WEC featherweight champion who became one of the great coaches of the game at ATT. He knows that Covington will be a tough enemy, but he believes he has gathered enough information to make the preparation for the announced match easier than any other way.

“You train as usual, but do you know, except that you know exactly what you need to do for training?” Brown MMA during UFC 257 Fight Week I told the junkie. “It’s a little easier to fine-tune your training because you know what the guy is doing. You know exactly what his strengths and weaknesses are. You guess I don’t think it’s very black and white. You know exactly what you need to do, and I honestly think it’s a little easier to train. “

Meanwhile, at the same time as Masvidal, Brown, who was once worn out and trying to take a break as a young fighter, looks like Masvidal is playing his card well and is trying to make the most of his time. I’m glad that. The biggest spotlight.

“He’s finally in a place where he can make a lot of money, and it should be very big,” Brown said. “It should be a title battle. It should be one of the biggest names in the sport. They should sell pay-per-view. It’s not a fight night co-main event. It’s another just as big. It should be a pay-per-view headliner for the draw. To be honest, I think Jorge is probably the second biggest draw in the sport after Conor (McGregor). And hopefully he did what he did and he did. You will be rewarded for what you have created and will be properly compensated.

“Jorge is in a position that has paved the way for him and is in a better position than anyone else. He seems to be a veteran of 50 races, fighting everyone in the world for a long time and doing everything. I think it’s going to be a huge fight. In his mind he’s right. He wants someone who is very big, very interesting, and who gets the most money from it. . “

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Jorge Masvidal has an edge over Colby Covington, the coach says Jorge Masvidal has an edge over Colby Covington, the coach says

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