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Great victory over perennial bantamweight candidates Pedro Munhos push Jose Aldo The UFC’s £ 135 title took one step closer to another shot and once again influenced the story about the possibility of a rematch. Conor McGregor..

But Nova União stars don’t want some of them.

Aldo has one of the best performances in his great career UFC 265Defeated Munoz through a unanimous decision to notch his second straight win, after outpointing Marlon Vera December of this year.Shortly thereafter, ESPN Commentator Chael Sonnen And Max Kellerman reignited the story of a rematch with the Irish.

Aldo and McGregor met in a title-unifying match in 2015, and the fight lasted 13 seconds, with Irish superstars devastatingly defeating Aldo. Aldo claimed an immediate rematch because he had dominated the weight class for more than five years in the now abolished WEC and UFC, but the promotion didn’t book it. Instead, they allowed McGregor to climb the division and challenge the second title.

Aldo is currently thriving at £ 135, and McGregor has won only one win in the last five years while recovering from his suffering leg break. Dustin Poirier With UFC 264. Brazilians have no appetite and do not have to start over.

“That’s what I don’t understand, brothers,” Aldo said in an interview with MMA Fighting. “Go back when it should have happened, as they are doing [other] Rematch and trilogy, I had no chance, no one was thinking about anything, and each went their way. Now that the situation has turned around again, I feel they have an obligation to book it.

“No, I haven’t seen myself fighting Connor. Never, I think. I can say that too. It may happen tomorrow, but it’s not the way. I support him today. I hope he recovers from his injury, fights again at the highest level and becomes the champion again, because he and I are always together. I’m down And people always put their names together, whether he’s up or vice versa, and we carry over each other. “

Aldo started a new diet in 2019, moving to 135 pounds and then gaining weight four times, but McGregor hasn’t been competing in the featherweight division since the night he defeated the Brazilians. “Infamous” even had a trio of welterweight matches along the way.

“No, man, it can’t be helped,” Aldo said of the lightweight rematch. “I’m chasing the fight for the belt. I want to build this career at bantamweight and make history like this. I’m glad the Sonnens are talking about this rematch, I can’t see myself [fighting him].. I think my next fight will be bantamweight, and then we’ll be closer to fighting for the belt. “

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Jose Aldo closes door in Conor McGregor’s rematch: “Never” Jose Aldo closes door in Conor McGregor’s rematch: “Never”

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