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When Joe Joyce knocked out Daniel Dubois on November 28th in London, the WBO heavyweight rankings shifted, and Joyce jumped from 11th place to replace Dubois in 2nd place, the official duty of 1st man Olek. A challenger just behind Sandorusik.

However, the WBO heavyweight title is currently more than usual interest, at least Anthony Joshua could open the belt, and the fighter is currently No. 3.

Manager David Higgins sued Sky Sports for his fighter suit:

“Joseph Parker is a former WBO World Champion. He has won several resumes such as Carlos Takam, Andy Ruiz and Alexander Dimitrenko. He has kept Anthony Joshua away. Joe is a junior. If Fa is defeated — and remember that Fa is currently 6th in the WBO — if Joe defeats Fa, in balance of evidence, I think he has to go second. Obviously we are at the discretion of the WBO and their evaluation committee. Interesting question, but I would like to return to number two. “

28-year-old Parker (27-2, 21 KO), as Higgins said, Scheduled to fight domestic rival Junior Fa (19-0, 10 KO) February 27, in Auckland, New Zealand. Obviously, he really has to win there to participate in this discussion.

Now treat this as more than just ridiculous — yes, but pretend it isn’t. Total idiot, For fancy. Yes, Parker probably deserves second place over Joyce. At least if you can accept that either one should be ranked second by everyone.The thing is, Dubois never Worth Usyk has only first place, as he was second in the first place and immediately nominated him as a mandatory challenger based on the WBO holding a cruiserweight title. He got that designation before fighting even the heavyweight division.

Well, it’s also difficult to pretend. It’s also ridiculous that Fa is the 6th candidate. This is not against Dubois, a prospect that everyone liked (or still likes), or Fa, who is nothing but ass. Neither really beats the important person. Fa’s best wins surpass 241-year-old Dominick Guinn and Devin Vargas.

But all of this hope, wish and joke is mainly based on the following ideas: Anthony Joshua may open WBO belt to fight Tyson Fury Instead of his order to fight Oleksandr Usyk. Personally, I don’t think it’s really likely. Joshua really cares about his belt, and really he should, he probably actually carries belts worth about $ 250 each to three sanctions agencies on his payday I’m giving a part. And since the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over yet, it doesn’t have the ability to fill the stadium so far, and probably not at least a year or so. Joshua doesn’t want to sit for about a year, and Fury doesn’t want to. The Joshua-Usyk battle really makes sense for the time being.

Still, it is wise for a fighter to try to reach that position, even if it is unlikely. If Joshua decides to vacate this belt, the WBO will plunge and try to fill the vacant seat quickly. We know that one will be Oleksandr Usyk. The other side will be either Joyce or Parker as the current stand.

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Joseph Parker fishing to rise in WBO rankings in the title question Joseph Parker fishing to rise in WBO rankings in the title question

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