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Wide receiver Josh Gordon On Friday, he returned and was informed that he was eligible to play as early as the fourth week. New Orleans Saints They need a wide receiver, so they need to reach out and see what it takes to land Gordon.

Gordon previously participated in the second round of the 2012 Supplementary Draft and had a great experience in Cleveland for the first two years. This is one of the few glorious spots for the Browns team. He was suspended in 2015 and 2016, and since then things have been uneven for the recipient.

Gordon has played for the Patriots and the Seahawks since Browns traded with him in 2018, but hasn’t had much to do with either team. He had more than 700 yards with the Patriots in 2018, which is the last good season we’ve seen from Gordon.

New Orleans Saints needs to contact about Josh Gordon.

Gordon hasn’t been completely out of the sport, as he recently played in the Fan Controlled Football League, which he signed earlier this year. It’s hard to believe that he’s only 30 years old and feels like he’s been in the league for over a decade, so it’s still possible that Gordon will return to his former player.

New Orleans desperately wants a wide receiver because Michael Thomas is out due to an injury, Trek Ansumti is in IR, and Marquez Callaway wasn’t the guy NOLA wanted in the two games. Need for

Maybe Gordon joins the saint and doesn’t do much. Is it really worse than the situation they are in now? This is the worst scenario, but the best scenario is for him to jump into Sean Payton’s attack and have an immediate impact.

New Orleans should go with Gordon.

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Josh Gordon may be a risk worth taking Josh Gordon may be a risk worth taking

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