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Josh Gordon was able to help the Seahawks, but he himself needs more help.

NFL is back Josh Gordon Like he did a few weeks ago Play soccer again Can play for Seahawks.. But just as Josh Gordon tried to play again in a real football game, something happened. This week’s NFL has announced that Gordon will be frustrated by substance abuse and will play indefinitely.

To be fair, we don’t know what Josh Gordon is dealing with when it comes to matter of matter. It could be marijuana, alcohol or something else. I don’t know Josh Gordon personally, I probably won’t, and I don’t know what personal demon he deals with. But as far as human to human, I know he needs to suffer something pretty serious, and I hope he can overcome this before it’s too late.

Seattle music and sports fans are familiar with what they are struggling with. Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell committed suicide, and Layne Staley overdose and died. All of these guys are the faces of bands in the Seattle area, and anyone living in the Pacific Northwest is aware of the problems surrounding their death.

I don’t know that Josh Gordon deals with the same extreme addictions and depression as Coburn, Cornell and Starley, but Gordon cleans up when he’s making a living from something There seems to be a problem keeping it. He is really good at it. Gordon makes a relatively large amount of money (compared to the general public) and I’m sure he knows this as everyone should. So money isn’t Gordon’s driving force, there’s something else. I hope he finds the help he needs to overcome whatever he needs to overcome.

Great for Gordon

I’m not a therapist of any kind. I don’t have a degree in psychology. But I know first-hand how mental illness and addiction affect people. My dad and grandfather both dealt with depression and, to some extent, the problem of substance abuse. Both committed suicide.

Whatever the problem Josh Gordon has, I want him to get better. I really don’t care if he plays again at the Seahawks, if he plays, and if he’s doing well. But I really hope Josh Gordon will defeat his own demon and become a happy person. In the long run, this is important first, and football is very second important.

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Josh Gordon’s story doesn’t seem to end sadly Josh Gordon’s story doesn’t seem to end sadly

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