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There are fighters who train three times a day, six days a week, in preparation for a world title match. Wear not only persists in the ring, but also increases during road construction, at the expense of difficult strength and conditioning regimes.

For the past two and a half years, proud Scottsman Josh Taylor has passed his body through the ringer. The Edinburgh man has completed a long-term training camp for a trio of world-titled matches that define his career against dangerous and undefeated opposition. All three encounters were difficult and tough, but Taylor raised his hand each time and emerged as the undisputed junior welterweight champion.

However, Taylor suffered a painful knee injury during training to defend the title against Jack Katral in England. The steep schedule and all the hard work finally caught up with him. The Battle of Catterall at SSE Hydro in Glasgow, which requires Physio, has been postponed from December 18th to February 26th next year.

Christmas is coming and the geese are fat … but Taylor is definitely not.

“I’m used to it,” Taylor shrugged and told the ring. “Last year was the only year I’ve been able to enjoy Christmas since I turned professional. Even when I was an amateur, the tournament came at the end of January, so I was always training until Christmas, so I’m really worried. No. This doesn’t change right away and you can enjoy Christmas when you retire. I think it’s a little rattling (laughs). Who wants to train throughout Christmas Day? That’s a bit of shit, but you You have to keep doing that. Jack will be the same. “

Taylor (18-0, 13 KO) didn’t just win his stripes.Defeats Viktor Postol, Ryan Martin, Ivan Baranchyk, Regis Prograis and José Ramirez to win the 30-year-old southpaw 5th in the mythical pound of pound ranking.. Therefore, it is not surprising that Catterall is an exorbitant 6-1 vulnerable person in two horse races.

“I can’t be satisfied and I’m never satisfied,” Taylor insisted. “I learned from other fighters, even in recent history, that they overlooked a fighter and it turned into huge breasts. You can’t afford it.

“Jack is a very good fighter and I believe he will come in the A game. This is a shot in his lottery. I’ve been working hard to get all these belts. , I defeated the champions one after another, and he aims to be an undisputed champion in a single fight. It’s my job to prevent that from happening, but I Also, I don’t think he lived with me on my day. My day, in shape, properly prepared, he doesn’t approach me. “

Top-ranked photos provided

One of the most striking things about Taylor’s rise is his diversity. Postol’s victory was ensured by a fast-paced injection and a heavy second half round knockdown. When he faced Baranchyk, he defeated the lazy. He was too cute and cunning for Pro Grace. One Punch Man’s body shot knockout in the opening round returned the essential challenger Apinun Conson to the plane to Thailand. And José Ramirez’s attack was used against him.

Taylor can win in so many different ways. Can Catterall present a surprise?

“I don’t think he’ll bring anything I’ve never seen,” Taylor said in effect. “He may bring good power. I don’t know until the first bell rings, but that’s why I’m preparing for the hard 12 rounds as usual. Stylistically, I don’t think he will bring anything I’ve never seen before. He may have some small movements that I’m not used to, but I’m having trouble adjusting I don’t think. “

In just 18 battles, Taylor virtually guaranteed him inducted into the Hall of Fame, but the fire continues to burn inside him. If he defeats Catterall, his £ 140 days could end and it is the welterweight division that will be notified.

“I want to keep my name in the legacy book,” said the champion. “Every battle from now on must make a little history.

“And it’s good to fight in Scotland. I haven’t fought here since I boxed Baranchyk. It was over two years ago. I’m glad I came back. A good night for my family and fans. And can give a good victory. I’m looking forward to returning to Hydro. It’s my home away from home. “

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Josh Taylor cancels Christmas, Pound for Pound Star aims at Jack Catterall Josh Taylor cancels Christmas, Pound for Pound Star aims at Jack Catterall

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