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By Matt Lieberman: Anthony Joshua He revealed early today that he would open his WBO heavyweight title so he could enter the fight directly. Tyson fury Without going against his duty in 2021 Oleksandr Usyk..

IBF / WBA / WBO Heavyweight Champion Joshua (24-1, 22 KO) says that if he vacates the WBO title, he will look back and fight for it. After he defeated Fury twice in 2021.

Joshua doesn’t think it’s a problem to crack the WBO for someone who has a belt.If Joshua is free, Usyk fights Joe Joyce For a vacant WBO title.

Joshua’s WBO duty has been postponed to Usyk (18-0, 13 KO) and the World Boxing Organization wants him to face him next. Usyk has been waiting for his title shot for two years.

If Usyk was waiting for a short time, WBO could give Joshua a green light that orbits him. The problem is that Joshua and Fury (30-0-1, 21 KO) are planning to fight twice in 2021 instead of once.

Joshua is ready to abandon the WBO title

“I’m ready for 2021. Tyson, if it’s an avid and serious person to fight me, I’m 100% ready,” Joshua said. IFL TV..

“Do they care if I lose the belt to Usyk? Do I have to give up? I’m not sure right now.

“I don’t want it because it’s an indisputable path, but if so, people want to see the fight and don’t care, so do it. Give up.

“Yes, that’s right,” Joshua said when asked if the fight with Fury was greater than the indisputable one. “If I win, I’ll just go back and fight for the belt.

“That’s my goal. If they don’t throw me an obligation. If I can fight Tyson Fury, I’ll rematch him. There will be a rematch, so I’ll beat him again.

“These two difficult hurdles are serious fights, so I’ll overcome them. I’ll be back straight to fight 100% for that title fight,” Joshua said.

The money and attention he receives from fighting Fury twice next year makes him worth the sacrifice of the WBO.

In addition, it’s easy for Joshua to fight the final winner of the WBO belt between Joyce and Usyk. They jump on the chance to face Joshua for the undisputed heavyweight championship in 2022.

AJ to let the public decide on the WBO title

“Whatever the public wants, I don’t care if I give up my belt or fight Usyk.” Joshua said when asked what to do if the World Boxing Organization said he had to face Usyk to maintain his belt.

“If I go to the left, I have to fight Usyk. It’s a good fight. If I go right, I have Fury, and it’s a good fight.

Alexandrus Usyquan Sony Joshua Tyson Fury

“There is no easy touch in my career. Either, I’m not afraid. I respect, but don’t be afraid. I want a good show, a good fight. If it’s Usyk, yes. If it’s Fury, yes. Either way, it’s a tough 2021 for me.

“Here, I’m no longer interested in something like this, and the percentages are split,” Joshua said of the location of the two battles with Fury.

“Just split in the middle. It’s just as easy. I’m not interested in going back and forth. Whether it’s WBO or not, it’ll be Tyson Fury,” Joshua added.

It doesn’t make sense for Joshua to ask the boxing masses if they should open the WBO title to confront Fury or keep it and defend against Usyk.

Fans want to see Joshua and Fury fight, and they don’t care about the WBO being emptied by AJ. As Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao have shown, when fighters become so popular, titles are no longer needed.

When Joshua reaches the level he is in, the title becomes a burden, and the title goes against his popularity and slows him down. If Joshua now faces Fury with all his titles open, the boxing world doesn’t care.

Nothing prevents the battle between Joshua and Fury

“Let’s end the fight. There’s nothing,” Joshua said when asked if there were other stumbling blocks out there that could prevent Fury’s fight from happening.

“It’s just a pandemic and where it goes, but nothing, no,” Joshua added about what could prevent Fury’s fight from going down. It’s just a battle, not a big deal.

Alexandrus Usyquan Sony Joshua Tyson Fury

“I was ringing with Fury here. I’m talking about performance. Fury knows about those uppercuts. He said that in an interview with the BBC a few years ago. I’m his honesty. I respect you.

“Sparring is sparring. You don’t get anything, but it’s nice to share and compete with someone. It’s strange that he mentioned the uppercut many years ago.

“It turns out that it was the punch in my career that brought me a lot of success.

“I’m looking forward to competing with him. I don’t care where it is, it doesn’t split and stagnate. Just let it move,” Joshua said.

“When I’m there, I’m really relaxed like Canero,” Joshua said about how the fight against Fury is going on. “It’s as if he never gets out of his first gear.

“He’s very relaxed as he moves forward. Yeah, that approach. You’ll see the style there to win. I think” this is the way I do boxing “and enter the fight. It’s not.

“And I know what it takes to win. From the bottom of my heart, I do whatever it takes to win. It’s my best to do whatever it takes to win the battle. It’s a priority, “Joshua said.

The only non-pandemic that can prevent Joshua vs. Fury is if the two fail to negotiate a battle. It’s always possible, but unlikely.

Joshua sees himself knocking out Fury

“It’s not about style and strategy. The best strategy in the mind of a fighter is to find a way to win. It’s not that much,’This is the way I’m going to box. I want to win I’m there.

“Yes, that’s right,” Joshua said when asked if he was imagining knocking out Fury.

Alexandrus Usyquan Sony Joshua Tyson Fury

“I’m in 2021, but I’d love to get a belt this year. Last year I chased Wilder’s fight. Before Lewis’s fight,” How about Wilder? Fury how is it?”

“I did a lot of chase. People said I was ducking and didn’t want to have the best fight. Then he came out on social media and said,” Joshua offered me a profit. He was the one who turned it down, “Joshua said of Deontay Wilder.

“At that point, I realized I wasn’t chasing these guys anymore. Unless it was serious, I wouldn’t turn around to prove myself. After that fight [with Pulev]I didn’t want to have an interview.

“I just wanted to get out and start my business. Tyson. I’m tired of talking, I’m tired of talking, talking, talking. I said,” If it’s a Tyson Fury with a WBC belt, I’ll fight Tyson Fury. “

“I’m keen on fighting Tyson Fury. It’s a challenge for myself. I respect the man for what he’s accomplished. He’s an amazing athlete. I’m myself I want to challenge myself and have the best fight in the division.

If he’s the best in the department, let’s crack it. I’m Keane I have fought 6 or 7 champions in my career. He will be another champion I will add to my roster, “Joshua said of Fury’s fight.

If Joshua can’t throw a lot of shots, he probably won’t knock out Fury and will fight in a more lasting way than he saw in his victory over Kubrat Pulev.

AJ wants to reduce talk and increase action

“More stories and less action, the exact opposite of what I’m trying to do,” Joshua said when asked to react to a recent video where Fury criticized him. ..

“I have less talk and more action. To be honest, I set up my team and management with the story of getting it done by Christmas.

Alexandrus Usyquan Sony Joshua Tyson Fury

“Whatever he is [Fury] I want to do it. He is a combatant and is not afraid to fight. Do not use this to try to profile each other’s backs.

“Let’s end the fight. The fight is big as it is. You don’t have to look down on him or anything like that.

“We can use it to put the country together with everything that happened this year. It’s not about PR, it’s not about popularity contests. It’s about who’s scared and who’s not. There is none.

“No one of us is afraid when that first bell rings. We’re just there to fight. When he talks online, it’s not what I’m standing on. There is none.

“I’m not here to talk or reduce my actions. Now let’s talk less and increase my actions. Let’s end the fight. It’s the fight people want to see.” Said Joshua.

Fury wants to market it to the handle to facilitate pay-per-view purchases, so when they sign the battle, they talk a lot.

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Joshua is willing to open the WBO title to win the Fury fight ⋆ Boxing News 24 Joshua is willing to open the WBO title to win the Fury fight ⋆ Boxing News 24

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