Joy-Con drift filed another class action proceeding against Nintendo – My Nintendo News

The Joy-Con drift issue on Switch is becoming more and more unavoidable for Nintendo to address. The company has seen an increase in the number of proceedings filed against them over the past year or so. In addition, the number of proceedings has increased again as another class action has just been filed.

The proceedings filed in Seattle are from a minor who has been dealing with Joy-Con drift for some time. In fact, they say the problem broke out three months after they bought the console. Minors initially paid Nintendo $ 40 to repair Joy-Cons, but began drifting again “a few more months” later.

Unfortunately, they also experienced three more Joy-Cons, which also had drift problems. They accuse Nintendo of being aware of the problem and not doing enough to inform customers about it, and say that Nintendo has committed illegal and unfair conduct, and even consumer fraud.

Evidence of their case is also provided, which is very terrible. Included are “electron micrographs showing technical decomposition and circuit damage.” The technical disassembly is from an expert suggesting that “wear on the controller’s internal pads” is causing the drift. They quote consumer advocacy surveys in France, Belgium and Switzerland, and even Nintendo’s president Shuntaro Furukawa cites statements about “customer-induced trouble” from Joy-Con’s drift.


Another class action lawsuit has been filed against Nintendo due to Joy-Con drift

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