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From a process perspective, Jupiter Energy’s Board of Directors expects to nominate a record date.
It will be a date that all shareholders of Jupiter Energy can participate
Intraspecific distribution.Jupiter Energy’s shareholders will be allocated to a total of 80 people
1 million Jupiter Biofuels Limited shares with an implicit value of $ 0.50 per share
Awareness of upfront value for biodiesel projects, $ 40 million.these
Shares will be allocated in proportion to the number of shares in Jupiter Energy.
Shareholders hold the record date.The number of Jupiter biofuels is calculated
By dividing the number of issued shares of Jupiter Energy as of the record date (depending on the number of Jupiter Energy options exercised before the record date)
80 million shares of Jupiter biofuel issued in
Awareness of the $ 40 million implicit value of the project.The board believes it is likely
Shareholders of Jupiter Energy will receive one share of Jupiter Biofuels Limited for everyone.
As of the record date, 1.61 to 1.88 shares held by Jupiter Energy.

You will have to be crazy to not participate in this

Even if the head drops to 15 cents after the record date, we are seeing at least 80% + profit (assuming the IPO remains 50 cents at the start), oversubscribe and bolt to 70-80 cents Fixed at at least 100-150% profit on your overall holding

Good luck to all owners-enjoy the ride quality over the next few weeks

Should rise steadily until the base date :):)

JPR-Jupiter Energy | Australian Equity Forum JPR-Jupiter Energy | Australian Equity Forum

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