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WWE Hall of Fame Mick Foley I took you to Facebook After recently announcing that he tested positive for COVID-19, this weekend we’ll provide you with the latest information on his health – and that’s good news!

The hardcore legend has been isolated in a hotel room for the past 19 days, and unfortunately he had to spend his vacation without his immediate family. Fortunately, he plans to check out on Monday and doesn’t seem to have serious long-term problems as a result of the virus.

In a true Foley way, the wrestling icon finished his update looking for others and used his time in isolation to raise money for good reason. You can read more about it below.

After the virtual signature on December 12, the coronavirus test was positive. As soon as I learned of the exposure, and even before the test results, I started quarantining in the hotel room – and stayed here for 19 days. I’m no longer contagious and will check out tomorrow. Fortunately, my symptoms weren’t too serious – a few days of body pain and headaches, followed by a loss of smell, and in the last few days my hearing was affected.

Physical symptoms such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day were even worse than missing a holiday with my family. I’ve done my best to stay safe over the last decade, but in retrospect, I’ve been vigilant several times. Since mid-March, I’ve only done four virtual signatures, two personal appearances, two guest appearances on reality shows, and an undertaker farewell to WWE Raw. In 2019, I flew 150,000 miles on Delta. In addition, other airlines have flown tens of thousands of miles. In 2020, I flew less than 10,000. Still, there were times when I was able to pay more attention. I will continue to do my best in the future. I hope we all can do a little better as long as we put off this horrific pandemic.

Thank you for all the wishes and prayers you always receive on social media. I’m lucky … things could have gotten worse.

The good news is that the enthusiasm for cameos in December allowed me to donate $ 5,000 to the Daniela Conte Foundation. The foundation was founded by the parents of a very special girl who lost her way too early. Check out my Facebook post from December 23rd for more information on the Foundation, which was formed in honor of Daniela and her. [this link]..

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JTG reveals that Cryme Tyme was once set to be the WWE Tag Team Champion JTG reveals that Cryme Tyme was once set to be the WWE Tag Team Champion

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