Juegaterapia Foundation Reveals Video Games Helping Children Fight Cancer

For the past 10 years Juega Tilapia Foundation With the motto “When playing, chemotherapy passes by”, we have devoted ourselves to helping children with cancer. This time, the Foundation brought a game console to the pediatric cancer room of a hospital in Spain (country of origin). Breakthrough scientific research currently being promoted by the Foundation confirms that playing video games during treatment reduces pain and promotes recovery in children.

This is the first time that the positive effects of playing games on the treatment of acute pain have been measured.The· Psychological benefits of playing It has been demonstrated before – children were less anxious on admission and helped them relax more in these difficult situations.

Studies compare Impact of using video games All thanks to state-of-the-art monitoring devices (analgesic-nociception index and Argiscan) for child pain, required morphine dose, and sympathetic / parasympathetic nervous system activation levels.

Inspiring documentary film “Fly when you give chemotherapy” It shows the process of this study. The protagonists are sick children and their families, and the medical team at Lapas Hospital. MD Francisco Reinoso Barbero, Head of Pain Management Unit at Lapas Children’s Hospital (Madrid), and Jeuga Tilapia Foundation. They all talk about their experiences, both personally and scientifically. And best of all, the film has been narrated by Spanish internationally renowned singer Alejandro Sanz and has won 21 Grammy Awards.

the film (Already available on Amazon Prime Video and Filmin) Shows the true testimony of the children of Estephany, Dani, Mario, Carlos, Marcos, Aaron, David, Hector, Alejandro, and Manuel. It.

The Juegaterapia Foundation is calling on the gaming community to donate consoles now that Christmas is over. Many gamers receive a console as a gift It will replace the old one. In addition, the Foundation wants these results to reach hospital managers, so they can consider including video games in their treatment protocols.

Study, by number

  • 20% less morphine in the game

The pain felt by these children can be considered to be objectively alleviated, as evidenced by the 20% reduction in daily use of morphine. This refers not only to basic pain, but also to general mood, with 44% reduction in accidental pain. It was measured on a visual analog scale.

  • 14% increase in parasympathetic tone in favor of recovery

Acute nociception (conscious perception of pain) is associated with altered sympathetic and parasympathetic balance regulation. In the face of physical threats, our body activates the sympathetic nervous system to help escape perceived aggression, but at the same time increases arterial tension and heart rate (among other symptoms). ) Has a negative effect on us. A way to counter this situation is to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which favors physiological recovery.

During this study, children with cancer suffering from mucinitis, one of the most painful side effects of chemotherapy, making it even impossible to swallow, video while being controlled by two devices. The game was provided: on the other hand, analgesia-nociceptive index (ANIR, which measures heart rate), and video pupil measurement method Algiscan R. Results showed a 14% increase in parasympathetic tone and 14% analgesia. It was shown that there was no change in pupil size despite the low dose of morphine shown.

Remarks by medical experts:

Francisco Reynoso-BarbelloThe co-author of this study, the head of the pain management unit at the children’s hospital Lapas (Madrid), points out: “The medical implications of these discoveries are important because video games can be part of a non-pharmacological treatment program. For childhood cancer mucinitis.”

As Mario Alonso Puig states (Merryland, public speaker, and honorific of the Juegatelpia Foundation), “a situation as difficult as hospitalization activates the sympathetic nervous system of children with cancer. It mobilizes organisms to escape threats, dangers, but these children cannot escape – they are somehow “tied up” by their chemotherapy. If this system is active for a long period of time, it can have a very negative effect on your body.The same part of our nervous system that protects us from certain types of threats Acting against us – Overloads the heart, increases blood tension, and makes the immune system less functional. Fighting illness is very important. “

However, Dr. Alonso Puig adds: “When you’re crazy about games that kids love The whole process of creating disturbing thoughts, pain and anxiety stops.. Thanks to being completely wrapped in the game, children activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This second area of ​​the autonomic nervous system has two functions. One is to promote social interaction. On the other hand, it helps maintain the internal balance of the organism, homeostasis, which in turn reduces the wear of other body organs.

In addition, as Dr. Aron Sopuig points out, “You can see how these children are relaxing. How their tensions are relieved, It shows that they feel safe. After all, it’s all summarized in phrases: chemotherapy passes by when you play. “

This study is “Journal of Medical Internet Research, “Relationship between pain relief using video games and increased vagal tone in children with cancer: quasi-experimental pre- and post-methodological analytical observational studies”. MD Mario Alonsopuig, Honorific Councilor of the Juega Tilapia Foundation. MD Francisco Reinoso-Barbello, Director of Anesthesiology, Lapas Children’s Hospital, Member of the Royal Academy of Medicine. The same is true for Diego Plaza Lopez de Saband, Mercedes Alon Sopriet, Jordi Milo and Lakwel Tresulna.

Special thanks to Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain) — This study would not have been possible without generous donations of consoles, games and other resources.

The Foundation would like to thank the production company 925 Sintagma, director Marcos Calle, musical Alejandro Pelayo, singers Alejandro Sanz and la Fuerza del Corazón, companies Prhoinsa and Dräger Medical Hispania, and translator Cristina Berry for their generosity and voluntary work.

tl; dr

  • Childhood cancer patients suffering from post-chemotherapy mucinitis (one of the most painful side effects of this treatment) play video games, according to a scientific study conducted by the Juega Terrapia Foundation at Lapas Hospital (Madrid). Proven to be less painful when doing
  • The study showed that these children had a 20% reduction in morphine use and a 14% increase in parasympathetic tone. This plays a major role in the recovery of the body and favors faster recovery.
  • These conclusions suggest that video games are offered as non-pharmacological analgesics in the case of childhood cancer mucinitis and therefore may participate in the medical protocol of these patients.
  • The Foundation-created documentary “When Playing Chemotherapy”, narrated by world-renowned singer Alejandro Sanz, proves that play is cured.


Juegaterapia Foundation Reveals that Video Games Help Children Fight Cancer

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