Juliana’s most fascinating modeling photos over the years

Juliana Custódio has been an international model, with 90-day fiances in many stunning photo poses.

Juliana Custódio is waiting for the birth of her first child, 90th fiance Stars are eager to return to modeling after establishing a thriving career for themselves. Her Brazilian beauty worked as a model when she met her current ex-husband Michael Jesssen at a yacht party in Croatia. Juliana may only be in her mid-20s, the 90th fiance Star Over the years, it has had many successes as a practical model.

Juliana immediately connected and then moved to the United States to stay with Michael. After Juliana’s tourists were denied a visit, Michael applied for a K-1 visa so they could be together. Juliana initially seems to have won the support of Michael’s ex-wife and formed a thriving patchwork family with Michael’s children. However, the couple broke up and Juliana revealed her shocking nightmare of her marriage.

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After the collapse of his marriage to Michael during a pandemic, Juliana did not waste time leaving the chaotic life in the United States. The success 90th fiance The model moved to Germany and met Ben Obscylla. The couple are currently engaged and are expecting their first child together. Juliana was shining throughout her pregnancy, but she said she was eager to curb her weight gain during pregnancy and return to modeling when her child was born.

Julia Nine Black & White

Juliana looked great on many headshots, but especially on the set of black-and-white photographs taken by photographer Yakubu Koziel. A London-based beauty and fashion photographer perfectly captured Juliana’s beauty, and her model smoldered in her headshot shared online in September 2018.

Juliana’s full gram

Juliana surprised her followers with a fascinating photo shoot of Solstice Magazine shared in July 2020. Her model traveled to New York for her photo shoot and was amazed at her complete charm. 90th fiance Fans and cast members Similarly, she praised Juliana for both her beauty and skill as a model. Juliana seems to have modeled the magazine several times over the years.

Juliana’s Natural Modeling

After leaving Michael for Hamburg, Germany, Juliana absolutely surprised her followers with gorgeous photos that she declared to be her favorite. Juliana did not rely on her hair and makeup in this photo because she instead she kept things natural and she was stunned by the torn black pant suit. Juliana appeared to be dignified and dominating during her messy division. 90th fiance fan.

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Juliana’s editorial look

Before revealing her pregnancy to the world 90th fiance Cast member Juliana was surprised at the spread of the editorial. The Brazilian model posed for El Arabia in January at his new home in Hamburg. Juliana turned to professional hair, makeup and styling and linked to model management for a Hamburg-based agency.Juliana succeeded in her modeling dream and she didn’t allow her annoyance 90th fiance Divorced to keep her away from living her best life.

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Juliana’s most fascinating modeling photos over the years

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