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it took Julianna Peña For a while to get up and run in her UFC257 match Sara McMann On Saturday night.

But when Pena (10-4 MMA, 5-3 UFC) did it, it was like watching a sports car spin up. The winner of “Ultimate Fighter 18” shook off the slow round, turning the tide second and finishing things with a rear-naked choke third. The finish time was 3:39 at Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi.

“It went as I expected,” Pena said. “Sara McMann is the best wrestler in this category. I beat the best wrestler in the category, and now I want Amanda Nunes next.”

The first round was all 2004 Olympic wrestling silver medalist McMann (12-6 MMA, 6-6 UFC). She became the greatest leader in women’s bantamweight takedowns at 20 and wasted a bit of time adding to her total. She moved from side control to backtake, sank into the hook, and when she couldn’t get there, she moved to top control and landed her elbows along the way.

The second time, both fighters re-entered the moment in the round, mostly fighting on the ground, but as the round progressed, even though they were at the bottom where they landed the punch after the punch, as McMan tried. Improves her position, which was apparently getting stronger.

By the third, Pena clearly took over. She was aggressive from the beginning, throwing McMan on the mat, aggressively landing her elbows as McMan hits the turtle, and then regaining her and making a sweet transition to sink into the victorious chalk. This is her fourth submission victory in her career.

Pena has won two of the last three games, but McMan has lost three of the last four.

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Julianna Peña submits Sara McMann after rally Julianna Peña submits Sara McMann after rally

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