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With the launch of Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition on PS4 here, we look forward to seeing a huge amount of new content. It’s by far the largest I’ve ever done, including four huge extensions, two huge item packs, and a free update with some of the features demanded by the most popular communities. It’s a release. There’s never been a better time to pick up a stethoscope and start building your own healthcare empire.

Head to Pointy Mountain with local celebrity Bartholomew F Yeti in a Bigfoot expansion pack, burn sterile trails through tropical islands at Peverly Island’s Wiggy Silver Bottom, or hit the console two newest Take on the latest and greatest challenges with our expansion packs: Close Encounters and Off-Grid.

We know, we know … “Hospital game aliens ?!”, “Eco-warrior politicians” Hospital game! ??It’s probably fair to say that there may be some questions before jumping in to solve a mysterious alien plot, or before helping the mayor regreen the county … for the first time. So while some of our lovely designers Harry Patock and Sam Webley talk to you through a new adventure waiting for you in our beloved little two-point county, you’ll find yours Want to grab the cheapest Gavin packet that can lift your legs?

Close encounter

Harry Patok: Alien plots may sound a bit “there” in hospital simulation games, but we really wanted to push the boat out in search of something a little more fantastic. This is exactly what I did in a close encounter. The basis for this idea came from Gary Karr, the creative director after watching too many conspiracy television shows in Roswell and Area 51.

Sam Webley: Close Encounters has three new areas. Goldpan, a small town where rumors of a UFO crash began, Camouflage Falls, a town that doesn’t really exist with a huge military base, and Chasm 24, a secret government facility. As you get deeper and deeper into this crazy plot, the level becomes a full-fledged government cover-up from a truly bizarre event.

Harry:Throughout the DLC, you will encounter a variety of space-themed illnesses. My personal favorite is the lack of humanity. Here, we are actually turning these aliens into people so that they can integrate with the society of Two Point County. It’s a pretty nice twist as the DLC starts by exposing these aliens trying to break into your hospital, and by the end of it you’re helping them stay here instead of sending them home. is.

Sam: But without mentioning Bowhain, we cannot talk about the illness in a close encounter. Patients with this disease were not obsessed with being human and chose to spend time in the fields pretending to be cows. You need to treat them before they are kidnapped by aliens! I’m not saying you shouldn’t treat them deliberately … but it’s a lot of fun to see UFOs rob someone dressed as a cow.

Harry: This DLC also has some really cool new gameplay mechanics, like Robo-Janitors. At Chasm 24 (24th level of the game, did anyone get it …?), Robo to maintain a large mechanical stabilizer to prevent earthquakes and other bad things from happening in the hospital. You will need a janitor. Many science fiction technologies are very impressive, but you can’t always understand what they’re doing. Sure, it has lots of lights and huge buttons, but what is it for? Robo-Janitors are high tech, but they are also very practical. Every Robo-Janitor has a unique name. My favorite is Sweepy Leroux. The best broom man in Two Point County.

Sam: Don’t forget the real aliens themselves. Part of your mission at Gold Pan is to find aliens trying to break into your hospital. You may notice that the patient is behaving strangely. Perhaps they haven’t gone to the reception or have gone through the trash can (because everyone knows that real aliens do … right?), Or a cloaking device. Glitches a little. If you see something like that, you need to send the “patient” home to expose the aliens hiding behind the scenes. It may seem a bit mean, but if they go unnoticed, it can start to confuse your hospital.

Off the grid

In Two Point County, voter surveys have repeatedly suggested that the environment is of the utmost concern to the public. To secure her position in her office … well, to support the green-minded community, Tabisa Windsock, the permanent mayor of Two Point County, has set up the Green Things Bureau. She recently discovered that it would be beneficial to be environmentally friendly during this time of inadequate voter voting. So, frankly … the dead can’t vote, so she goes on a campaign trail that tells the world to provide medical care to everyone who participates in her initiative.

Sam: The central idea of ​​off-the-grid was environmentalism. The first level, Wandarov, is like a big hippie commune, focusing on the health and well-being of staff, patients, and the hospital’s appeal for making money. The second level, Old New Point, is a small town where people have chosen an old way of life, defeating old buildings and building new ones to make them look old. At Old Newpoint, you grow your own food. Food and water require a lot of dedicated space in the hospital, which puts pressure on the layout and size of the hospital. The final level, the windsock, is a huge eco-city built by the mayor very humbly with taxpayer money. Windsock City does not rely on regular power means. Instead, to turn it on and stay self-sufficient, you need to build a green energy machine. Whether it’s wind turbines, solar panels or hydrodams, each green energy machine increases the power capacity of the hospital.

Harry: I’m a big fan of off-the-grid illness, they’re all very naive! Lots of camps and nature-based illnesses. I like woodworms that make the suffering look like a little wooden doll. The cure for this is essentially eaten and exhaled by giant whales. There are Roadstool, Bodily Druids, Stumble Bum, and my favorite Chocolate Shorts. Please forgive my facial expression. But before I managed to get into the game, I sat in chocolate shorts for about a year.

Sam: It’s all about being environmentally friendly off the grid. Ignoring it can lead to penalties. So don’t forget to always put a lot of trash cans, grow your food at every level and put a lot of greenery around the hospital. Otherwise, you may lose money when the inspector arrives.

We are very much looking forward to you jumping in and starting to build your own healthcare empire, so what are you waiting for! Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition is available for PlayStation 4 today.

Scrub and see you in the ward.

Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition delivers a healthy dose of absurdity

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