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June 12: FCTA Guarantees the Safety of Residents

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has guaranteed the safety of its inhabitants during today’s celebration of Democratic Day.

The government revealed on Friday that security agencies had been strategically deployed to maintain law and order.

In a press statement, FCT Vice-Minister Olusade Adesola stated this following regular FCT Security Committee meetings.

Adesora said he had promised to attend a peaceful celebration on June 12, adding that security forces in the area would leave no stones to secure lives and property.

“The security agencies have put together a variety of strategies that will be deployed during this period, so one of the things I can say to the residents is to ensure safety in the city during and after that period.” He added.

He then called on residents to carry out normal legitimate activities, and the FCT administration varied by providing more operational vehicles, recovering broken vehicles to strengthen operations, and improving response times. He said he would support the security agencies.

Adesora said a multifaceted approach would be taken to minimize threats, including inhabitant sensitization in an appropriate way to give alms, religious intervention, and constructive involvement with identified sponsors 9. It was.

The Vice-Minister said: “We also discussed the issue of begging invading the city and developed a multifaceted approach. For example, there is a better way for people to use sensitization to give alms than to give to the so-called” poor people on the street. ” For purposes, they could use it to buy medicine, because when giving to the poor on the street to know that they could use it illegally. “

The meeting was attended by heads of organizations and institutions of various military and paramilitary organizations within the territory, religious and traditional rulers, chairs of regional councils, and senior FCTA officials.

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June 12: FCTA Guarantees the Safety of Residents June 12: FCTA Guarantees the Safety of Residents

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