Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 4 Review

This review contains a mild spoiler of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaseus. The new season premiered on Netflix on December 3rd.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceus has entered its fourth season. Although it’s rare for children’s or other series to continue to improve quality for the third year in a row, Camp Cretaceous’s writers have been able to focus on the (now and formerly) bond and make it successful. rice field. A special sympathy for the campers and the dinosaurs that were hunting them. Unfortunately, Season 4 ends that streak.

Throughout his tenure, Camp Cretaseus was a way for fans of all ages to get a small amount of the Jurassic franchise during a major movie entry while expanding the universe originally created in Michael Crichton’s book. .. Darius (Paul Michael Williams), Brooklyn (Jenna Ortega), Sammy (Raini Rodriguez), Yasmina (Kausal Mohammed), Kenji (Ryan Potter), Ben (Scene Gianbron) are all the first Jurassic Worlds. world. We forced teens to fight for their lives, trying to find something in common. The first season was basically when Jurassic Park met the breakfast club.

Now that we’re in Season 4, these interpersonal issues are almost gone. Friendship continues to grow, and even up-and-coming relationships are gained in this new chapter. After escaping Isla Nublar (leaving Ben’s beloved dinosaur, Bumpy behind), the emotional evolution of the children is fully visible. They tried to head to Costa Rica so that the Coast Guard could take them to their families, but soon realized that they weren’t the only ones to escape Jurassic World. Mosasaurus capsize their boats and land them on a new island.

The obvious move here was Isla Sorna, the second of the two islands that John Hammond first owned for all dinosaur-related purposes. Instead, they find themselves in an island-wide experiment carried out by Manta Corporation. There they discover both friends and enemies.

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After a short hope of the yacht they were trying to escape, they realized they were stuck again, and we began to see cracks in the children’s minds. Yaz is the strongest example of the season and will be the high point of this year’s story. See Camp Cretaceus, even the toughest of us, showing that there are moments when they need help, as they are the strongest and fastest of the six friends. Is great. It’s a particularly exciting move when much of Season 4 appears to be at war with itself.

At the beginning of this review, we talked about campers’ empathy for dinosaurs. It’s important to note that Season 4 is on display more than any other season so far, but it’s in that sympathy that Camp Cretaseus appears to be at war with itself. Because I love dinosaurs, the series seems to forget that most people are here, and you don’t have to see them being tortured to take care of you. Still, this is Season 4, and I’m jumping into photography with an immense desire to be unnecessarily cruel to the audience.

Set aside that this is a momentary kids show. Being mean to the viewer can be a powerful storytelling tool. Attacking the viewer’s emotions helps guide the viewer into emotions the way they want, and can tell the story in the most influential way possible.But that’s Earned When that Camp Cretaseus is about to fail the series in a way never before.First of all, it teeth Being a show for young viewers, the need to torture both dinosaurs and AI endlessly feels beyond the scope of the jump. If it’s not enough to slowly introduce more and more cruelty to these creatures, there’s a dinosaur-related scene in the penultimate episode of the season. To make matters worse, the scene in question has no purpose in the story. It is only there to act as an operational bowel punch for the viewer. It’s successful, but it has no effect. Also, given the smartness of the last few years, the lack of understanding between the two this season is very frustrating.

Camp Cretaceous has always been a strong entry into the Jurassic franchise, while still admitting those frustrations. Season 4 has a lot of moments worth blowing your nose, but the feelings remain almost true. This season, I met a new key player who was intrigued by the next chapter. Also, there are many cute new dinosaurs. The emotional bonds of teens also remain complex and enjoyable. Hopefully next year it will be more in shape.

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