Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition Review (Nintendo Switch)

Ever wanted to build and maintain your own Jurassic Park? That is, except for all the dramas and genocide we saw in the movie. The movie is an example of how the magic of cloning shouldn’t bring dinosaurs back to life, but it’s definitely amazing that Steven Spielberg brought them back to life in a way that rekindled the world’s interest in these magnificent reptiles. After playing Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis on PlayStation 2, I was very excited to see another park simulator released in the form of Jurassic World Evolution. Only two years after it was first released on PC and other consoles, the game is now on the Nintendo Switch. Does it move as fast and smoothly as Velociraptor? Let’s check.

The game itself has no story, but it does have a campaign. In it, you are introduced to Las Cincom Eltes or Five Death. It ’s a hilarious name, right? Anyway, you are essentially brought in to take over the operation of the park and you have to learn everything you need to know to make it successful. Well, and to prevent your guests from having lunch for one of your carnivores. From finance to editing the genetics of dinosaurs, as you learn the rope, it starts pretty slowly. Not only Zoo Tycoon with dinosaurs, but one of the unique points is that it’s a Jurassic World game, so it’s full of references and nods to the movie series. Jeff Goldblum and Bryce Dallas Howard are replaying their roles as Dr. Ian Malcolm and Claire Dearing, respectively, to make the campaign a little more interesting.

When it comes to gameplay, it actually works pretty well on the switch. It will take some getting used to at first, but it won’t be long before you fly around the park. The navigation is also surprisingly accurate and quite snappy. Needless to say, the UI allows you to keep all the information you need to be aware of up to date.

The gameplay loop manages everything a bit, so it’s pretty satisfying. There is a lot of DNA to do both building to build, fossils to excavate, research to do, extraction and modification. Despite all this, it’s not the management sim that makes you feel overwhelmed. This is a great relief for beginners in management sims. It’s pretty simple to run, so it’s great to pick it up and play at any time, but it can be a bit too simple or offensive for veterans of this genre.

Completing missions that fall into the security, entertainment, and science categories can be addictive. All of these will provide more funding to make the park bigger and better as we chase after the 5 star rating. I also loved taking care of various dinosaurs and taking care of their individual needs. To be honest, it was fun just to see exactly what I could and couldn’t do and the results.

If you’re not interested in the campaign, you can switch to sandbox mode once the campaign has been awarded a 4-star rating in the park. In addition, there is a challenge mode to create a park with different difficulty modifiers.

When it comes to visuals and performance, it’s a little complicated bag. When playing in handheld mode, the visuals are pretty muddy and the UI looks pretty small. It’s nice to see the dinosaurs when zoomed in, but despite the graphical downgrade, the dinosaurs still look great. Playing in docked mode may look a bit nice both visually and in the UI, but the frame rate isn’t that smooth. In most cases it works pretty well, but it’s a bit of a pain when switching to one of the Ranger vehicles, or if the park is hit by a tropical depression. Overall, docking is probably the best bet for a great visual experience.

Given that the title is Jurassic World – Complete Edition, it’s wise to think of this version as packaged with additional content. This means that apart from the base game, you can return to Jurassic Park, Claire’s Sanctuary, and Dr. Wu’s Secret. All of these feature different scenarios with new challenges, each featuring a wonderful voice played by a character in the series. Needless to say, there are several dinosaur packs. This is the number of dinosaurs used in the park that did not exist in the game. This package is worth a lot!

Jurassic World Evolution-The full version of Switch is amazing. It doesn’t have the best visuals I’ve ever experienced when playing this game, but it’s still a lot of fun to pick and play. Frontier Developments should really be praised for porting the title to Switch. It’s also very friendly to beginners in management sims, so it’s easy to stick to it right away. The base game and all existing DLC ​​are included in one package, so it’s well worth the experience. This would be a good addition to your collection if you could see downgraded visuals and occasional choppy frame rates.

Can be purchased Jurassic Park Evolution Complete Edition For £ 49.99 on the Nintendo Switch.

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Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition Review (Nintendo Switch)

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