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Jurgen Klopp He claims he isn’t motivated by revenge because he’s preparing for Liverpool on Saturday. Champions League Final match against Real Madrid.

Reds forward Mohamed Salah We talked about fixing the score after the Spanish giant won when the same two teams met at the 2018 Showpiece.

The opportunity at Kieu was a particularly disastrous night for Sarah, as the Egyptians were injured just 30 minutes after the controversial challenge by Sergio Ramos.

Klopp admits that he understands Sarah’s views, but he doesn’t always look at things the same way.

The German said at a press conference: Many things happened that night, including the situation, how to recognize the goal, Mo’s injury, and so on.

“We came a bit there with three wheels. The season was long and the (injured) player came back in time for the final, so we had to change (in-game) and one pair of Mo. Could not replace with 1.

“But I don’t believe in revenge. I understand it, but I don’t think revenge is a great idea. I don’t know if it’s right.

“I understand what Moe said. He wants to get it right. I want to get it right. But in Germany, you always say you meet twice in your life. So you will meet again and behave better in the first moment. You will receive a reception, but do not talk about the reaction.

“Everything is fine between us and Real Madrid. It’s a top-notch soccer game.

“I think it would be great if (someone) had the opportunity to win this time, but it won’t happen because of what happened in 2018.

“It happens to make the right decision on the pitch.”

After Liverpool recovered from disappointment four years ago and won the competition by winning Tottenham Twelve months later, in Madrid, Klopp has a chance to win his second trophy.

It will put him in the manager’s elite bracket, but Klopp claims it’s a credible player.

“My reputation-I didn’t care so much,” he said. “I will soon forget these things.

“I won’t win Champions LeagueThere is no chance, but it would be great if the boy could solve it for us.

“This competition is really difficult, so three times in five years (finals) is an exception. It’s really special. We really want to do it properly, and we’ll see.”

Liverpool joins the game behind the disappointment of losing slightly Manchester city In Premier League Last weekend’s title race.

Klopp said:If you are healthy, life gives you the opportunity over and over again, as boys obviously do, and in this case it is Champions League Last.

“No one feels the pain from Sunday anymore. I’m really looking forward to this match against an incredibly powerful and experienced opponent.”

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Jurgen Klopp is not motivated by revenge, but Kyiv admits it was “harsh”-Liverpool FC Jurgen Klopp is not motivated by revenge, but Kyiv admits it was “harsh”-Liverpool FC

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