Just Cause developer founder announces new Studio Liquid Swords

After a year break from the gaming industry, with the founder of Avalanche Justification Creator Christopher Sandbar has announced that he will launch a new studio, Liquid Sword.

Sundber announced in a post on the studio’s Facebook page. This includes a Liquid Swords approach after managing Avalanche over 17 years later. He also described the focus of the new studio on creating “open world action, explosions, sharable experiences, and memorable gaming moments.”

It’s not that shocking as the company continues to create the same type of games Thunder has created over the years. As a result, we ended up creating those games under the umbrella of WB Games.

I’m still not sure what the liquid sword game will look like, Justification This kind of game can be a fuss for franchise fans.

When it comes to setting up the studio, Thunder has one goal in mind.

“The ultimate goal of Liquid Swords is to get game development back where it should be. It’s very creative and fun, but at the same time it’s moving game development forward,” Sunder said in a Facebook post.

“Our sword has been sharpened, our mission has been set, and we couldn’t be more excited about what the future might look like.”

Liquid Swords aims to make an explosive debut on platforms such as PCs, next-generation consoles and streaming platforms. Details about the new studio will be revealed in early 2021, including founding partners, studio locations, and technology.

So far, the Stockholm-based studio in Sweden has launched a website with a still image of the company logo and contact information.


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