Just Dance 2021 Review (Switch)

Just Dance 2021 The latest in the long line of Just dance Each game is slightly different from the last time. Like the sports games in the series, Ubisoft’s choreography is reborn each year, with some new features and new songs sprinkled on top. Innovation isn’t, but it’s not a game to watch if you need novelty. But if you’re looking for a good time, and if you’re looking for some new content to scratch the boogie bat’s itching, you don’t have to look anymore.

The playing method is the same as before. Hold Joy-Con in your hand and follow the on-screen instructions to duplicate the neon-colored dancer as much as possible. In different modes, you can play collaboratively and competitively, play world-class tournaments, and even calculate calories in the slightly exaggerated name “Sweat Mode”.

The main mode, dubbed “Just Dance,” offers new tracks for moving limbs, each with a whole new dance and corresponding visuals. This is the same gameplay that Ubisoft has provided since the debut of Just Dance 11 years ago, but it’s now as fun as it was then. The new dance is funky and stylish, but simple enough to follow and relies heavily on the arm and hand movements that the controller can detect. The legs are completely optional here. Counterfeiting is easy, but it only disappoints you. By not committing with all your heart.New costumes and backgrounds start with interesting a little For some “cool” songs, such as Billie Eilish and basically rap, they tend to rely on cartoon-style ethnic stereotypes, but that’s not new to the Just Dance series.

Features such as quick play and shuffle play make it easy to jump right into the dance, select songs and entertain groups who aren’t particular about carefully selected playlists. The World Dance Floor – a three-song competitive tournament that matches you with players of the same level – is Ubisoft’s concession to a pandemic-stricken family who can’t join a co-operative and is a great way for you to spend 10 minutes. It’s a fantasy to lose to 20 people with a long gamertag who has mastered all the dances. There is also an option to play with a mobile phone as a controller instead of Joy-Con. This works very well, even with most mobile phones these days. a little It’s too big to hold comfortably while dancing (and there’s always the danger of throwing it in the middle of the room during excessive arm movements).

Kids mode is a little disappointing. Probably aimed at younger teens, it offers a damdown version of the main Just Dance mode, with the “OK-Good-Super-Perfect” metric changed to the confusing “Haha-Wow-Yay” metric. The song is an easy victory for parents, and “Baby Shark” and “Into the Unknown” will definitely be repeated. Or a non-stimulating unexploded ordnance like “Let’s Save Our Planet” or “Space Cat”. Kids mode has the atmosphere of a YouTube channel where Elsa goes to the dentist and everyone loves to make slime. Interesting enough, but not as good as the one for adults.

As you play the game and achieve faster and faster results, you will earn “Mojo”, the in-game currency used to purchase capsules from the Gachapon Gift Machine. These unlockable items include new avatars, new frames for avatars, and new “aliases”. Animal ForestThe style title that appears next to the avatar. Mojo and gift machines are probably a way to keep players playing, but it’s not very rewarding, and the randomness of the gacha mechanic makes it almost meaningless anyway.

It’s a shame that the new song isn’t part of an unlockable system. Just Dance 2021 is designed for anyone planning to purchase a Just Dance Unlimited subscription. A 30-day free trial is available, but at an additional cost in addition to the full price of the game. The bass game comes with 41 new songs, primarily 2019 and 2020, including Lizzo, The Weeknd, and K-pop using TWICE and NCT 127. An additional 600 songs can only be accessed through a subscription. Then you don’t own them – they are streamed to the console. Internet connection requirements work pretty well in most cases. Songs streamed from the JustDanceUnlimited selection often start with low-resolution visuals, but the sound and rhythm don’t seem to be a problem.

Playing the game without a subscription feels like a long ad you’re paying for. Recommended songs include songs that are only available on Unlimited. Unlimited real video ads play from time to time.The 41 songs actually included in the game range from famous chart hits like Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s “Rain On Me” to the relatively unknown, Britney Spears’ “Till The World Ends”. ‘Stands out by being Not perfect The version you know and love. It’s sad to see very few bangers on such a small roster of new music, but the point is that the best songs are hidden behind paywalls.

Again, it’s nothing new to the series. Just Dance may make money, but it’s still fun and you can only sweat since the quarantine began.If you don’t mind dropping about £ 80 in both base games And A one-year subscription (or less if you know you’ll only play for three months) will keep you moving to hundreds of powerful catalogs of games, even with a surprisingly large amount of rice husks. There are many things.

Does anyone expect Just Dance to be revolutionary? Is anyone surprised to find that most of the content is locked behind in-game purchases? Probably not, but anyway, that doesn’t mean it’s not disappointing.


Just Dance 2021 doesn’t feel like a fully fleshed game, especially with a £ 50 price tag. The new tracks and world dance floor mode are fun enough, but it’s hard to justify spending a lot of money on games with few additions, and buy more with thin veiled in-game ads and upsells. I’m expecting that. If you love the series, you’ll invest no matter what we say, but we can’t help but feel that Just Dance as a franchise has been resting in its glory for too long. Hmm.

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