Justice League investigation, “corrective action” that inherited Ray Fisher’s claim

“WarnerMedia’s investigation into Justice League films has ended and corrective action has been taken,” WarnerMedia said in a statement Friday night, Cyborg RayFisher on a toxic and hostile working environment under reshooting director Joss Whedon. Announced following a one-month investigation of the allegations by. .. In August, WarnerMedia officially launched a third-party investigation into Justice League actor Ray Fisher’s allegations. Coach Joss Whedon has performed a toxic and hostile set, claiming that former DC Films co-chairs Jeff Johns and John Burke have enabled bad behavior. Fischer also claimed that DC Films boss Walter Hamada had pressured Fischer to “attach to Geoff Johns.”

It is unknown what kind of “corrective action” was taken, Fisher observes on Twitter and “Some of us have seen and some are coming.” Joss Whedon recently left the HBO show The Nevers, although it may have nothing to do with WarnerMedia’s research. Weddon cited an ongoing pandemic as the reason he stood aside. (HBO is part of WarnerMedia.)

Fisher also tweeted a letter WarnerMedia sent to him. Congratulations on moving his claim forward. “WarnerMedia is grateful to have the courage to go ahead and help create a comprehensive and impartial work environment for our employees and partners.”

Fisher thanked his supporters and added, “We still need to talk and find a solution.”The WarnerMedia statement on Friday is a rough sketch for the company, given that it issued a long statement in September blaming the cyborg star and denying Fisher’s allegations about Walter Hamada. The studio also claimed when Fisher refused to meet with their third-party investigators to discuss the case. Fisher denied it.

Formerly Justice League producer and former Warner Bros. production co-president John Burke rebelled against Fisher’s allegations, and Burke and his former fellow DC Films executive Geoff Johns were on set from Weddon. He claimed to have “made possible” bad behavior. Berg also revealed that Fisher claimed to have been upset during the reshoot.

“It wasn’t true at all that we allowed non-professional behavior,” Berg told Variety at the time. Fisher also said he was angry that the filmmaker wanted to utter one of Cyborg’s signature catchphrases from the look of his small screen.

“I remember [Fisher] I was angry that I wanted him to say “Booyaa,” a well-known cyborg word in the anime series, “Berg said.

Ray Fisher recently shot an additional footage of the Snydercut of Justice League, which debuted at HBO Max in 2021. Fisher said he had re-shot almost every scene when Joss Whedon took over the project, and said that Snyder had only one scene. The original version has been released in theaters.

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