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Milan (AFP) -Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo claimed on Saturday that he was not afraid of UEFA sanctions on a failed Super League project aimed at replacing the Champions League.

“We are not afraid of this. We are calm and focused on our work,” Pirlo said at a press conference prior to the team’s Serie A match against Fiorentina on Sunday.

“We are confident that we can finish the season with our goals. We are calm about what UEFA will decide.”

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli was one of the leaders of the 12 teams of Super League, which collapsed in 48 hours under pressure from fans and politicians.

“Agnelli? I saw him calm down,” continued the Juventus coach.

“It’s normal that there was a lot of talk about him at this time, and he talks about it again.

“He knows what he has to do. When he comes to the pitch, he has great enthusiasm every day.

“But our goal is to qualify for the Champions League, and it will continue to be. That’s all we have in mind.”

Pirlo goes on to say: “The locker room has a positive atmosphere for teams who want to finish well. There is an important purpose in their minds. It’s a duty to play in the Champions League.”

Juventus travels to Fiorentina, who fights for Champions League football, as the nine-year Serie A reign appears to be nearing its end.

The champion is fourth in six games, 11 points behind leader Inter Milan.

Pirlo said he had “great revenge” on the Tuscan side after losing to 13th place Fiorentina earlier this season.

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Juventus are not afraid of UEFA sanctions, Pirlo says Juventus are not afraid of UEFA sanctions, Pirlo says

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