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Nicolo Rovella will be angry to find out that he will not be able to play against his parent club Juventus this weekend due to an injury.

Genoa’s star has been rented to Bianconeri’s Griffin and is one of the most important players in the campaign.

Some Juventus fans have never seen him play and are wondering why their club signed him when he was still young.

This match would have been a great opportunity for him to show himself to Bianconeri.

However, Calcio Mercato The injury in the mid-week match against AC Milan is serious and he reports he will stop working until next year.

Juventus FC says

Rovella is a prominent performer in Genoa this season and that’s great news.

If he continues to grow, he can save a lot of money on Juventus in the next transfer window.

Our midfield is a big issue with this campaign and we need to reinforce it in the summer.

If Rovella returns in a well-developed state, he will be one of the ready-made options and may not need to spend money on the new midfielder.

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Juventus Borrowers Miss Genoa’s Match This Juventus Borrowers Miss Genoa’s Match This

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