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During the post-covid era, the Football Association decided to allow clubs to change up to five players throughout the match.

Clubs like Juventus, blessed with deep teams, were supposed to take advantage of the new rules, but the reality was completely different.

At the beginning of the season, Max Allegri acknowledged that after a two-year hiatus from the sport, he still needed to adapt to the five change rules. Obviously, he still has some work to do in this department.

according to IL Bianconero, Juventus have not yet scored one goal this season through their substitute players. On the other hand, Inter-Alternative found 6 times more nets than this campaign.

Perhaps part of the striker’s injury affected Bianconeri’s ability to bring in a new name from the bench, but the team generally retreated in the second half, especially in matches against Udinese, Milan and Naples.

According to the report, Simone Inzaghi and Nerazzurri scored another four points thanks to the players who came off the bench to score goals.

On the contrary, the old lady lost two points in Udine because of Gerard Deulofeu, who entered the second half to win the Zebret equalizer.

After all, Juventus fans just want the team to win, whether the goal is a starter or an alternative.

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Juventus still scored from the Juventus still scored from the

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