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The Camp Nou version of the team also appeared in Serie A, and young people were not denied in Parma. Cristiano Ronaldo and Alvaro Morata wiped out the rare and poor outings and quickly swept the team to the best all-round show of the season. My opponent had a great internet and it melted easily, Dukari I’ve been fighting in most of the games these days. BianconeriThis is the long-awaited exhibition of puzzled troubles for this year’s minnow.

The only downside to the night is that despite pulling the string almost throughout the contest, even with an explosive victory, the enemy could change the outlook for the slope without it. It was that they had two big chances for the last intervention by Gianluigi Buffon or the Defender. It happens with all equipment, as the rearguard generally does not allow many scoring opportunities, but they are basically always the main thing, and obviously it costs some to perform the play. It led to this goal. Now that the production of secondary weapons has begun and the attack is in good condition, it is the biggest flaw that needs to be cleaned up to accelerate the growth of the team.

Andrea Pirlo was able to replace the contributors because most of the players are healthy. This generally kept them fresh and raised their level of performance. The formations are constantly changing, but they are carefully crafted. For example, Dejan Kulusevski was basically a right wing and could only play against a Parma-like side with an adaptive centerback that rarely attacked that side. I don’t remember many examples of Swedish Starlet and Aaron Ramsey playing together, but the contest demanded it, Gaffer didn’t flash, and XI after some matches with the three central midfielders. Has completely revolutionized. Hopefully he will be able to maintain his sharpness in that regard.

It’s been months since the early injuries that affected pre-season preparations, but Rodrigo Bentancur has returned to last year’s outstanding standards, and it’s an exaggeration to say that he’s clearly the most complete midfielder. is not. When he and Weston McKennie prove to be more than a ball of energy, the strength soars and the pressure of the initial ball works great. Arthur and Adrien Rabiot may have exquisite techniques, but for many cold nights in small Italian towns it’s better to rely on the players who run the most and catch up with their teammates. Must show a little more in order to be the most difficult, especially given the overly aggressive spirit of the team.

Wojciech Szczesny, Juan Cuadrado and Federico Chiesa may take a break over the weekend and return to XI with this one. Danilo and Matthijs de Ligt, on the other hand, could be candidates for the holidays, but the Dutch are rumored to do so many times. However, I have always played. Paulo Dybala may recover enough to enter XI, but he is unlikely to nod. Merih Demiral and Giorgio Chiellini are also making progress.

Expected lineup:

4-4-2 Szczesny; Cuadrado, De Ligt, Bonucci, Sandro; Ramsey, Bentancur, McKennie, Chiesa; Morata, Ronaldo.

Injured player:

Demiral (thigh), Arthur (thigh).

Suspended player:


Fiorentina has certainly been disappointed so far this season with inconsistent results. The enhancement campaign turned out to be ok, and some of their highlights rarely looked good. All of this combined into the second half of the standings, but they weren’t completely out of the funk and the wins kept avoiding them, but they were drawing some good teams like Sassuolo and Verona. The last two rounds to stop bleeding.

A few weeks ago, they fired Giuseppe Iaccini and brought back Cesare Prandelli. The new (old) coach hired 4-2-3-1 or something similar and tried something new tactically, but the experiment didn’t really work. In the match, he returned to the three defenses he used under his former manager, giving players certainty during difficult times.

Gaetano Castrovilli and Giacomo Bonaventura are so versatile that they certainly have pieces on the roster and still have the right combination to field them with Jose Kalehon and Franck Ribéry. I haven’t found it. The amount of technique. Instead, at least one of them, mostly Kalehon, comes out of the bench. Kalehon is not feeling well because he was infected with COVID after spending the off-season as a free agent.

Their crown jewel, Castro Villi, was one of the most interesting and talented prospects in the middle of the league, but made a fierce start, but then almost completely declined. The sneaky Bonaventura was fine. It’s unfair to ask Ribéry to be good in every match given his age, he alternates good stretches on the unconvincing, but he always bursts into a dazzling display. You can.

Another commitment that is blocking them is certainly the lack of prolific center forwards, but at least Dusan Vlahovic has recently bagged two penalty kicks, and as young people often do, he is either. There is a line on one side. He certainly has a lot of talent, but probably lacks that veteran malice in a box that allows him to be more productive. He’s pretty technical and likes to move around, so he may need to partner with another center forward. Christian Kouamé may be a good companion, but as mentioned earlier, finding a reliable formation is an almost unsolvable puzzle, and Kouamé doesn’t show enough to be part of the equation.

In the midfield, the fact that the big acquisition Sofyan Amrabat works well on the two lines that played well in Verona, while Castro, Erick Pulgar and Bonaventura work well on the three lines. You need to balance. In their latest iteration, Castro adapted to Pivot next to Amrabat and Bonaventura, or Kalehon, and is used as a supporting role next to Ribéry, behind the striker. This formula robs Castro, who excels in channel runs, but Amrabat can occupy so much space with a tireless motor that he may find he can still charge forward. Maybe. However, if the scheme changes weekly, it is difficult to adapt and lock into roles. There may not be a suitable solution for every question mark. It is better to choose a question mark and grow.

In addition to their troubles, there were few above-average works with Baltowomiay Dragowski, Nikola Milenković, Hermann Pezella, and the returning Cristiano Bilgi, but the defense was not particularly stingy. Bilgi is also a meaningful part of their attack at his crossroads, where he shines as a wingback rather than a fullback. Their center beck is a major threat to set pieces.

They are certainly poor performers as they have few valuable contributors at all levels. Their problem seems to be more psychological than anything else. Such mental disturbances have higher ambitions, but are struggling to affect teams in lower-ranking districts, readjust their spirits, and become less pure and cruder. More and more technology-driven, depending on the situation. Due to tactical conundrum, they were unable to build a clear identity, and so far the main cause of their attacks was to deliver the ball to Ribéry and Castro, and that they would do something useful with it. That was what I wanted.

A possible change in the possible lineup is that Igor will start from Benuti instead of Caceres and Pol Lirola, but Calehon and Pulger are more likely to be used off the bench. Alfred Duncan and Valentin Eysserick are suspected of minor injuries, while Patrick Cutrone has a back cramp.

Expected lineup:

3-4-2-1 Dragowski; Milenković, Pezera, Caceres; Venuti, Amrabat, Castrovilli, Biraghi; Bonaventura, Ribéry; Vlahovic.

Injured player:

Cutrone (back).

Suspended player:


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Juventus v Fiorentina Match Preview and Juventus v Fiorentina Match Preview and

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