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Although Kakuda crashed in the final round of qualifying, he started the Azerbaijan race from 7th on the grid, showed a strong run, and then became 6th in the red flag in the second half.

When Lewis Hamilton went straight in the first corner, he scored a spot on the restart, but on the remaining laps he dropped to both Lando Norris and Fernando Alonso, finishing seventh in the flag.

Tost says the rookie did a “great show” on his way to the best ever in F1.

“Yuki did a great job, I have to say,” Tost said. “Well, he had a small incident yesterday, which is in the third quarter and can happen. It also happened to more experienced drivers.

“And today his race pace was sometimes incredible. He was so fast that I was really worried about something happening.

“He’s in very good shape. I think he’ll get some good results later in the season when he’s a little more experienced, especially on the racetracks he knows.”

Tost believes that Baku was Kakuda’s strongest performance to date in the rookie season.

“That’s right for me,” he said. “Because he has made great strides. Don’t forget his first time in Baku. Of course in Bahrain, he scored two points when he finished in 9th place, but he knew the track well from F2. So I tested it there. You can find a good setup.

Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri AT02

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“But we came here in Baku, and he didn’t know the track, and he knew it right away. He started in 7th place and ended in 7th place, and A really great show from his side for me, a great performance.

“We need to work on a few things. We know this, but he’s so talented that we’re confident we can put it all together.”

Kakuda admitted that it was a good weekend, apart from the mistakes made in the third quarter.

“Still [Saturday]I think the crash was complicated. Of course, I did my best to go to the wall, so I have no regrets. However, the car still had good potential to start in a good position.

“Well, it was a really good step overall compared to other previous races, but to get better results you need to put things together more accurately.

“I’m a little more comfortable, but I still have a lot to learn and I have to adapt more. I still feel that I’m not fully adapted to the car, so I still have to work hard.” Told.

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Kakuda’s Baku F1 fast paced Tost was afraid of crashing Kakuda’s Baku F1 fast paced Tost was afraid of crashing

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