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Koulibaly wants to move, Bissouma is ready for a big move, Van de Beak isn’t happy, and Rice is Manchester United for £ 50m …

Manchester United head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admitted that it was unfortunate at Old Trafford to sign Donny van de Beek in the summer.

It’s no secret that Van De Beek arrived at Old Trafford with a high reputation in the game after helping Ajax return to the top of the game, and many can tell what he brings to the club. I was excited to see if it was possible.

However, Van de Beak has played a total of 21 times this season and has only played 10 times in the Premier League. Only two of them have appeared, and the manager admits that the lack of play time has not been successfully resolved.

“I can’t say Donnie is happy,” Solskger said in a goal. “Of course he wants to play more, but he’s getting the job done the right way.

“We are on track and there are players who are playing really well in his position.”

Solskger himself gained a reputation as a supersub while playing at Old Trafford, so he has a lot of sympathy for his new signature.

“He reminds me a lot when I first come that he understands my difficulties and challenges,” the Norwegian continued.

“I was the same as Sir Alex [Ferguson, former Man Utd head coach].. When he excluded me, I understood and was happy that the team would win – and Donnie is that type of guy.

“He knows he’s important to us and he knows to play many games.”

West Ham is reportedly considering lowering the asking price of Manchester United’s target Declan Rice.

Due to the full swing of the transfer window, it seems that not many new players will come to Old Trafford on the last day of the window, despite all the rumors about the types of players Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can sign.

However, United is already planning a summer window, and Signature and Rice, who may arrive under the legendary Reds boss, have been on the Red Devil radar since last summer.

United was very interested in securing a transfer deal for Rice, but Hammer wanted a huge £ 80m for the player they became one of the best players to close the deal. It was often reported that the Premier League could not.

However, according to the Guardian, Hammers’ big wigs may be willing to sell England for £ 50 million at the end of the season, and West Ham valuates players due to the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis. It is reported that they are thinking of reducing it.

The potential new price is £ 30m cheaper than last summer’s asking price, which United will be happy to accommodate.

Kalidou Koulibaly reports that he prefers to move to Manchester United at the end of the season.

Koulibaly is easily regarded as one of the most powerful and dominant players in the Italian league, has grown to be one of the most impressive defenders in football in the world and warns all the biggest clubs. ..

Even if Manchester United hits the market, there is a lot of speculation that they are very interested in the deal with Koulibaly and, if they believe in all the reports, they plan to take action at the end of the season.

However, Koulibaly, whose contract expires in the summer of 2023, has played 18 games in Naples this season, helping to keep seven shutouts. Players like Manchester United aren’t cheap because they’re warned that they’ll have to pay close to £ 100.Million to secure a transfer agreement

And according to Marca, the Senegalese ace now seems eager to leave the Serie A side, favoring a move to Old Trafford.

Naples owner Aurelio de Lorentis recently warned that players like Manchester United would have to offer at least £ 100m if they wanted to sign Kalidou Koulibaly.

De Laurentiis spoke with Jim White, and the Sky Sports News presenter relayed his conversation on talk SPORT.

“I spoke to Naples owner Aurelio de Lorentis this morning. What about your player, does he have a bid? He laughed at it saying it wasn’t for sale.

“On this occasion, Koulibaly doesn’t seem to go anywhere. He stayed and it was as recent as this morning. Anyone who brings anything other than £ 100m for Koulibaly can forget it. I can do it.

“Unless one of Britain’s big clubs comes up with £ 100m, he’s definitely not for sale.”

Brighton manager Graham Potter believes that Yves Bissouma could play Champions League football, in speculation from Manchester United.

Although the transfer period is open for a few weeks, United hasn’t made any transfer deals to help improve the side to ensure they win the Premier League title by the end of the season.

But what’s attracting Manchester United’s attention is the Mari Bissouma, who joined the seagulls from Lille in 2018. He has grown steadily in the Premier League over the last few seasons.

He’s stepping up his performance in Brighton this season, and United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has about 3,500 to close a deal for an impressive midfielder if he manages to help. From the board allegedly wanting to be handed £ 10,000.

And, following his wonders at a 2-1 win over Blackpool over the weekend, Potter told people like United that he believed Bissouma had the ability to play Champions League football. But he also claims that he is not currently worried about being sold.

“He has that quality (to play in the Champions League), he has those attributes you need at that level,” said Bissouma Potter of Sky Sports.

“That means he’s consistent enough to do that. I think he’s taken a step forward, but there’s still more to do.

“It’s great that the player has taken a step forward. For Eve, it’s great that he has taken a step forward. I don’t know anything in football these days.

“But from his point of view, I think he’s happy here. He wants to help the team, so we’re very relaxed about everything.”

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Kalidou Rice van de Beek and Bissouma in Manchester United’s summary Kalidou Rice van de Beek and Bissouma in Manchester United’s summary

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