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Gilbert Burns You don’t have to study a lot for his first UFC title match.

Brazilians will welcome former teammate and UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman at the main event. UFC 258 February 13th in Las Vegas. The fight was originally scheduled for July last year, but a positive test for COVID-19 kicked Burns (19-3 MMA, 12-3 UFC) out. The two were later booked for UFC 256 in December, but Usman was unable to fight due to an injury.

Now, with the third booking, the duo are set to clash next month, but this isn’t the first time the two have exchanged punches.

“I and Kamal have sparred at least 200 rounds,” Burns told MMA Junkie. “We started training together in Blackzilians in 2012. After that, Blackzilians collapsed and disappeared, so we moved with Henri Hooft. We went to a place called Combat Club. Then we were there for almost a year, and then we opened a hard knock. We were in a hard knock for two years. Then we moved to Sanford MMA and then we I’ve been in Sanford for a total of two years, so I’ve been training with Kamal for seven years and we both love training.

“He was a good training partner for me and I was a good partner for him. Just sparring sessions, over 200. And just grappling and wrestling sessions, surely I’m on the mat with Kamal We spend so much time in. We know each other very well. “

Usman’s (17-1 MMA, 12-0 UFC) training relationship with Burns began when Burns nominated for the title at £ 170 and won one after another against Demian Maia and former champion Tyron Woodley in early 2020. finished. With the rise of Burns, Usman began training in Colorado under the guidance of Trevor Wittman.

Burns lovingly recalls his training with Usman and does not underestimate the fact that Usman was a great partner and a great help to his career.

“It was a tough job for both,” Burns said. “He hit me a few times. I hit him a few times. It’s very competitive, especially when it goes up to 170. I think I’ve always been a natural welterweight (from £ 155). As soon as I got up, I got a little bigger and felt even better at all welterweights. At the gym.

“But it has always been a good job. Kamal was the guy who always wanted to drill and train with him when he saw him. We helped each other a lot.”

On February 13, Burns needs to take Usman out to realize his dream of becoming a UFC champion. They have a history and know each other well, but Burns wants to keep the fight strictly business.

“I have a lot of respect for Kamal,” Burns said. “I like him very much and it will be a competition. No bad blood, nothing. I have no objection to him. He is a great champion and a good teammate. We were never close friends and we never sent text messages to each other. It was always about fighting. “

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Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns fire at least 200 bullets Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns fire at least 200 bullets

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