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Kanu’s Trial: Courts, Banks, Schools Closed in Eboni

After Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB in Abuja, was brought to court on Thursday, the capital of Ebony was abandoned by government agencies with keys and keys.

The Biafra Indigenous People (IPOB) ordered the state to sit at home over a southeastern arrangement, which was a reason for the state’s development.

No Schools – Both private and public schools have been opened due to school closures. Also, in Eboni, the market was not open, including the popular international market in the capital on the Transharan Highway. This is because the entrance and exit gates were locked with a padlock.

A correspondent who moved down the street noticed that the capital commercial bank was not open. All shopping malls and restaurants have been closed.

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All of Abakaliki’s major roads, including the aqueduct, Ogoja Road, Afikpo Road, Ogbaga Road, Old Enugu Road and Mile 50, were empty due to the lack of movement of people and cars.

All parks and relaxation centers in the capital have been closed.

The office was almost empty as only a few workers came to work. The entrance and exit gates of the State High Court were locked and locked.

All gas stations in the state have also been closed. However, on Wednesday evening, the driver and Okada rider struggled to buy fuel at the gas station in preparation for the expected station closure as a result of Kanu’s accusation on Thursday, resulting in hoarding at the long queue station. bottom.

However, guards were seen in groups patroling the suburbs of big cities and towns in Hilux vans.

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Kanu’s Trial: Courts, Banks, Schools Closed in Eboni Kanu’s Trial: Courts, Banks, Schools Closed in Eboni

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