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While appearing on Busted Open Radio, former WWE star Karrion Kross talked about what went wrong during his run at the company.

“Looking back, I failed this. Perhaps it’s too compliant. I wasn’t crazy about the outfit. Now I say I felt comfortable wearing it. I knew it looked a bit ridiculous, but from my point of view at the time, people were accepting the ideas I gave them earlier, so I took these ideas given to me. I wanted to accept it. It was a collaboration. I wanted to prove it at the time. I should probably say no and tout what we created and what we did with NXT. And we really believed we should have continued the course with this, and fans invested in it. The moment we gave that presentation at NXT, people online, and It was the only time we engaged because we didn’t have a crowd, people online said they wanted to see it in WrestleMania. I really try to claim myself with that idea Should have been. In honor, they think we were wrong because they emotionally checked out from what they were seeing because they didn’t have an explanation of what was happening. It’s happening that didn’t provide a little more continuity and explanation of what’s happening to the viewer. In the world of written fiction, it’s logical, respecting their intellect, why things go wrong and things You can come up with any reason as long as you’re watching for different reasons. Every week, they never got it, so they checked out. It’s fun stories or we do Instead of embracing what we were doing or working on what we were doing ourselves, we were in analytic mode. They just sat there and wondered what was going on. rice field. It’s the worst thing you might want in wrestling when they’re no longer emotionally obsessed with what’s happening. You are dead in the water and it is very difficult to get them out of it. “

“There are two things to this. The first thing I say, at one point, I think it was the second week of the outfit, I talked to management. I said,” Look, I say this for professionalism and respect. It hasn’t been well received given last week’s reactions, which can also be measured on social media and live reactions, so in honor, before it’s too late. I believe I need to try to change the course at this point, or develop some kind of story that can be put on TV that can connect what I was doing with NXT and what I was doing. You can try to do it here because people don’t understand what’s going on. “In other words, I was told to stay on the course, which was crazy at the time. I thought it was. I spoke very early, but with respect. I have never stepped into someone’s office or told anyone “I’m not doing this”. There is no such thing. I said, “I want to be in return for your investment. If you can’t do that, get out of here. I know how this works. So we’re going now The course I’m on is about to descend from a cliff. “I made it very clear. Another concern for me at the time was that I have a family. I want you to take care of everyone. He was his own sign and he didn’t want to do a good business because this guy was fired or released because he wasn’t an expert, they gave him all these opportunities, And they asked him to do one thing, and he didn’t. I didn’t want it to be part of my history. I was rather given something that people couldn’t understand that people knew it didn’t come from me and I gave it all. It was just an unfortunate situation, at least how I perceived it, I was there. I didn’t know what the national economy was like. It is still recovering. How about getting a job there? I didn’t know they would be so fruitful. I had no idea. I said it wasn’t a big deal, but I still look down on it very much. It’s very annoying to be released at this point. We wanted to be there. We absolutely did. I don’t play it, but it’s what was happening in my mind when observing the entire field. “

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Karrion Kross spoke wrong during his time at WWE Karrion Kross spoke wrong during his time at WWE

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