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Just as I thought it was nothing stranger than the pandemic this year, a giant star 2.5 million times brighter than the Sun suddenly rose and disappeared. The star in question is part of the Kinman dwarf galaxy in the constellation Aquarius.Well, this may be a prank on King of All Cosmos’ own HD remaster Katamari DamacyAstronomers thought something else and believed that it could be a dust-covered example or eventually swallowed by a black hole. But given the nature of the game and its characters, it’s an unmissable coincidence. So grab your Katamari Damacy and start rolling everything to prepare its replacement star.

Katamari Damacy Reroll As mentioned earlier, it’s an HD remaster of the old Namco game back on the PlayStation 2. This game contains a ball called Katamari Damacy, which is used to roll up from simple everyday objects such as erasers and pencils to the big and unusual things you want to paste. Balls for pets, real people, etc. Put in. And if you think the sentence is weird, you’re not as crazy as the people behind the game development team. So what are you doing here?

In one context, all cosmic kings “accidentally” destroyed all the stars that darkened the entire night sky. It’s your job as a prince to wind an object into a disown and bury a new star in the sky until it’s big enough to pass as a star, but you can’t achieve that goal within the time limit and soon the king Will be disowned. This is the main and only premise of a game that keeps the entire core gameplay intact.

There is a lack of rhetoric and reason about why and how Earth’s inhabitants are the main candidates for creating new up-and-coming stars, but given this, why and why all other planets are uninhabited. I found out where the previous star came from. It’s an assumption that it’s audibly crazy and makes sense in an absurd and twisted way. The best bet here is to block the brain and stop trying to understand what is best left unanswered.

Its core gameplay is fun in an absurd and twisted way. It crosses the subtle line between being overly repetitive and unusually addictive, but the great thing about this is that it doesn’t have to mean it’s fun. Roll the ball, get big enough and spread the mayhem. The gameplay loop is interesting enough with 6-7 hours of execution time, including time-based main missions or thematic constellation levels, so you can collect and hatch as many eggs as you can, or twins other than two catamari battles. You can collect. It’s not very diverse here, but it may not be needed in an already addictive gameplay loop.

Despite being awkward at first, the controls are also very simple. You need both thumbsticks to control Katamari Damacy, much like a normal person rolls an oversized ball. With that in mind, everything else follows common sense, such as releasing the stick you want to turn and turning the camera left or right. However, in game jargon, it’s a bit unconventional if most games offer a left stick for moving and a right stick for moving the camera. The game has two controls, but the game doesn’t require you to control the camera. Instead, tilt the right stick back and forth to rotate the camera, which is still not ideal. It makes more sense to tilt it to the left or right. This is my big dissatisfaction with the game, which forces children to learn new things so that they can be taught how to ride a bike first. In my case, this is not slipping under a moving vehicle as in rule # 1. By the way, the true story.

Visually it still feels like an old game. That’s actually the case. In some way, from the blocky proportions of Earth’s inhabitants to the lack of vibrant textures and realistic shading found in most games today. It’s one of the worst looking games I’ve ever played in 2020, but the art direction of the manga has the appeal of having strangeness in every corner of my block. But in all its forms and forms, arcade-like gameplay is actually a place to attract spectators from anyone other than the royal character of the sushi roll face. I don’t want to be one of the next to replace PHL293B, so keep this a secret from the king.

In conclusion, Katamari Reroll provides loyal recreation without creating key features that would change the game. This particular remake retains an overwhelming scent, but as a fun and arcade-like classic, this is a game that stands out in a humorous and addictive gameplay loop, whether you want it or not. ..

The game is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today.

This review is based on the PlayStation 4 version of the game and can be purchased here for £ 24.99.

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Katamari Damacy Reroll Review

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