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Katie Taylor Instead of defending the legendary heritage she had already secured in 2021, she is trying to attack the “best ever” status.

Ireland’s sporting sensibilities have transformed professional games since returning to 2016.

She became Ireland’s first undisputed world champion, not only becoming a two-weight World Titleist, but also setting records for invoice toppings, figures and wallet displays. And she wasn’t the only one to benefit.

The skill set and traction of the 2012 Olympic champions have completely changed the position of women’s boxing in the sport. Taylor smoothed out the highly rugged terrain, allowing all female puncher crops to follow the path to success.

Pound for Pound # 1 has such respect and is so successful that it maintains an unpolluted heritage without tackling risky challenges or calling it a day. I can.

But that’s not the 34-year-old style. Bray’s fighter wants to consolidate her legacy as the greatest thing that has achieved it – and she knows to do so, so she has to take risks along the way.

“I think you really have to risk failing in any sport or any part of your life because it’s really great,” said the American Boxing Writers Association’s Female Fighter of the Year.

“I think the biggest mistake in life is that you don’t really risk it. You have to go out and actually risk it. To be great in any sport, You have to do that. That’s the way everyone is great. I want to be the best ever. ”

Some of these inspirational lines suggest that the best female amateur fighter ever wants the biggest and best matchup that 2020 can offer.

That in turn means a better payday, and they’re definitely trying to break through PPV cards with Brian Peters-controlled fighters.

Still, money is not the motive, heritage is the motive.

“No, that doesn’t motivate me,” Taylor continues.

“You obviously want to make the most money and get the most out of your sport, but that’s all about my own heritage. I just want to make history with my sport. I want to go beyond. That’s always the case for me. Whenever I need to fight big, I’m always willing to get a reduction! ”

Reflecting her success, Taylor adds: “I’ve turned professional in the last few years and I really had this unexpected joy, this unexpected dream. It was arguably the most enjoyable year of my entire career.”

“This was a really great few years for me as it was past my lowest point at the Rio Olympics.”

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Katie Taylor is ready to take risks to ensure “best ever” status – Irish Boxing Katie Taylor is ready to take risks to ensure “best ever” status – Irish Boxing

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