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The charter was purchased from Spire Motorsports, which Kaulig will use to enter the cup full-time next season with driver Justin Haley, who is currently driving in the Xfinity series of organizations.

Team owner Matt Kaurig said 22-year-old Haley had signed a multi-year contract extension with the organization at the Superspeedway in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kaurig also announced that AJ Allmendinger will run a partial cup schedule in 2022 and compete again full-time in the Xfinity series.

Matt Kaurig, team owner of Kauri Graceing, said: “We entered the first Daytona 500 in 2020 and have already announced in just a handful of races that we are there to compete.

“It’s no secret that Kauri Graceing’s goal was to compete in full-time races in the NASCAR Cup Series.”

AJ Allmendinger, Camaro Racing, Chevrolet Camaro Hyperice

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Kaurig said it has not yet been decided what to do with the second charter. If your organization organizes a Second Cup team, the charter rules must be a full-time entry.

“Today is a really big day for me and a really big day for the entire cow regulating team,” he said. “In the last year or two, many people have been looking for charters, and I’ve won two of them.

“I’m really proud of what Justin has done in his career. Only a handful of people have won cup, Xfinity and track races. He’s a great young driver.

“That’s how I founded the company, and the way we built the race team is building people in our organization. When we brought him three years ago, he Made us better. “

 Justin Haley, Spire Motorsports and Chevrolet Camaro Fraternal Order of Eagles win

Justin Haley, Spire Motorsports and Chevrolet Camaro Fraternal Order of Eagles win

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For Haley, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete full-time in the Cup series and continue the organization he said he trusts him very much.

“Three years ago you picked me out of the truck by hand. I wasn’t really in line, and you trusted me and believed in me,” Haley said.

“Next year we really worked hard to prepare for this opportunity in a really competitive race car.”

Kauri Glacing plans to continue its technical partnership with Richard Childress Racing on its move to the Cup, purchasing an adjacent shop and starting a $ 1.6 million refurbishment.

The team is committed to running two full-time Xfinity teams in 2022, including the Allmendinger team.

Spire Motorsport sold two of its three charters to Kaurig, but in a statement released Friday, it held one with driver Cory Lajoy in 2022 and entered Team 7. I said.

Haley drove Spire in 2019 and won the only cup race.

“First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Justin and Matt Kaurig on the exciting news. Justin is one of the most talented young drivers in the sport. He is full-time for the playoff caliber team. We are excited to have the opportunity to compete in. Matt Kaurig will bring new ownership and new enthusiasm to the NASCAR Cup series garage, “said the statement.

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Kauri Graceing Launches Multicar NASCAR Cup Series Program Kauri Graceing Launches Multicar NASCAR Cup Series Program

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