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Kayla Harrison Looks like a runaway train
Profighters League

Two Olympic gold medalists dispatched Cindy Dandowa Using the arm bar in their first round
Headliner on Friday at Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, NJ. Harrison (10-0, 9-0 PFL), the second woman to submit a Belgian at the mixed martial arts competition, finished at 4:44 in Round 1.

Dandowa (16-7, 0-2 PFL) never presented many of the threats. After a failed takedown attempt from “Battlecat,” Harrison took the top position, went to side control, and applied the heavy ground and pounds she became known for. She eventually stood on Dandowa, swept with her left hand, and achieved a full mount. The first round had about 1 minute left. Harrison used the punch again to go to work and sat down on the arm bar to encourage him to tap out.

Meanwhile, the title holder of the former Titan Fighting Championship Rausch Manfio Caused upset and captured the split decision from
Anthony Pettis At a lightweight joint main event. All three judges scored 29-28 scorecards, two of whom siding on Manfio (13-3, 2-0 PFL).

The first two rounds were tightly contested and neither man gained a recognizable advantage. Manfio hit the accelerator third, and within the first minute he hit the canvas with a prominent Roufusport in a multi-punch burst. He stood Pettis, then punched with both hands, fixed “Showtime” to the fence, and put him on the floor with a short knee kick. Manfio hurriedly aimed for the finish and relaxed the gas when it became clear that the opponent had recovered. Pettis (24-12, 0-2 PFL) responded with a leg kick and chopping his right hand, but couldn’t do enough damage to curry the favors needed by the two judges.

Manfio has won five wins in the last six outings.

Elsewhere Movlid Khaybulaev Unanimous decision against two defending PFL champions kept his perfect professional record Lance Palmer With 3 rounds of lightweight features. All three cageside judges gave the same score. The undefeated Khaybulaev (17-0-1, 3-0-1 PFL) was 29-28.

Palmers (22-5, 11-2 PFL) sometimes landed on single strikes and even knocked. Habib Nurmagomedov In the first round, the counter left hook is used for protégé off balance. However, Khaybulaev turned the game around in the middle stanza, involving four NCAA All-American wrestlers in the clinch, bending his dominance in the fighting exchange. He decided on a stand-up comedy for the last five minutes. He uncorked the combination by hand, took a few low kicks, and occasionally cut the roux with a spin attack.

The 33-year-old Palmer lost a series of games for the first time in his career.

Finally, the title holder of the former Absolute Championship Berkut Dennis Gortsov Clean up Brandon Sayles Punch in the third round of their heavyweight showcase. Sayles (6-2, 1-1 PFL) hit Round 3 1:24 and suffered their first defeat in more than nine years.

After a slow start, Goltsov (27-6, 5-1 PFL) found another gear in the second round. There, he softened Sayles with devastating jabs and low kicks, performed travel takedowns, climbed full mounts, and threatened with multiple Ezekiel chokes. His efforts did not end, but they dried the Sayles gas tank. Goltsov kicked his face early in Round 3 with a two-punch combination and a head kick. He then plunged for another takedown against the declining Hawaiian, occupying a dominant position at the base of the fence and unleashing his ground and pounds until the deal was closed...

Gortsov, 30, has won eight of the last nine battles.

In other actions Bruno Enrique Cappellozza (12-5, 2-0 PFL) Blowed away Muhammed Delice (8-4, 3-4 PFL) and Punch and follow-up head kick 2:21 in the first round Of their attention heavyweight prelim; Larissa Pacheco (15-4, 4-2 PFL) Way Raid Helena Kolesnik (5-4, 0-2 PFL) and One punch knockout to the first round 4:48
Of their women’s lightweight matches; Antederia
(18-4, 2-1 PFL) Rejected Chandler call (8-3, 0-1 PFL) and Punch 4:39 in the first round Of their heavyweight battle; Jenna Fabian (4-1, 3-1 PFL) Wipe out Julija Pajic (3-2, 0-2 PFL) and Punch 4:16 in the second round Women’s lightweight scrap; Renan Ferreira (7-2, 1-0 PFL) Insist on unanimous verdict
Karl Sumanutafa (12-13, 0-3 PFL) Scored 30-26 overall in 3 rounds of heavyweight encounters. Taylor Gardado (2-1, 2-0 PFL) made a unanimous decision Laura Sanchez (1-2, 0-2 PFL) Scored 30-27 points from all three judges in a three-round women’s lightweight case. Jamel Jones (11-6, 1-0 PFL) Clean up Cridson Abreu (15-5, 0-1 PFL) and Hammer Fist 1:43 In the first round Of their heavyweight pairing; and Mariana Morais (17-11, 1-1 PFL) made a split decision for 30-27, 28-29 and 29-28. Caitlin Young (12-11-1, 1-1 PFL) Lightweight tilt for women in 3 rounds.

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Kayla Harrison remains undefeated, Armbirds Cindy Dandois on PFL6 headliner Kayla Harrison remains undefeated, Armbirds Cindy Dandois on PFL6 headliner

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