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Two PFL Champions and Current Free Agent Kayla Harrison I still don’t know where she will compete next, but she’s excited about the multiple opportunities she may have.

Harrison (12-0) revealed during the PFL’s 2021 campaign that he will test the waters of free agents after the end of the season. Steamed her way through competition to stay undefeated Insist on her second PFL title in her professional career-not to mention the $ 1 million prize that accompanies it.

Harrison said the pending negotiations were sometimes a little stressful, but did not significantly affect her performance in the cage.

“Honestly, it wasn’t too bad,” Harrison told MMA Junkie. “Sure, there was a moment when I was very stressed just because the unknown was so scary to me. Where are you going? What am I going to do? I’m 2 I have children. For example, the unknown, lack of security is a kind of horror. But again, I believed in myself.

“If I went out and worked there, they were so good that I couldn’t ignore me, so I was convinced that I ended up in a good place and was in a great position. That’s where I am now. As you know, I am in a great position. “

Harrison has been seen attending both UFC and Bellator events since the end of the PFL season, but didn’t discuss how much business was behind the scenes.

“In other words, I think I just enjoyed it,” Harrison said. “I didn’t have to train. My coach forced me to rest for a while, so I seemed” okay “, and my mom was in town, so I got a babysitter I had it.

“But no, I really enjoyed the event. It was fun to go to Bellator. Obviously it was pretty good as it was 20 minutes from my house. Scott Coker was a great host. Very It was an exciting event …. Obviously, the fight for the UFC was great in New York. I don’t think I’ve ever been on such an exciting night. I was very impressed. It was a great fight night. So I’m just hanging out – training, watching fights, raising kids. “

Harrison certainly offers multiple offers for her service, and each of them has some interesting potential. The UFC deal will certainly bring the story of her fighting a stable companion to the American Top Team. Amanda Nunes (21-4 MMA, 14-1 UFC), Harrison admits that it can cause some nasty situations around the gym.

Harrison is actually helping Nunez train for the next title defense. UFC 269 Opposing Julianna Peña, we are steadily working on the idea of ​​giving maximum respect and honor to both parties when they meet in a cage.

“Personally, I love Amanda. I think she’s great,” Harrison said. “I don’t want to offend all my teammates and coaches, and everyone has to choose one or the other, as they like. That would be terrible, sh * tty. And listen, UFC, me. Is also at that point in my life knowing my worth and knowing my worth, and we will see what happens, do you know? Of course, I am Amanda The biggest compliment I can give to is that I want to fight her, but I want to fight her. No hostility … and I’m helping her train to Juliana. increase.

“There’s nothing I don’t do for my teammates. I feel that way. That’s what I’m human. It’s not personal, it’s just business, it’s malicious. It’s not done. It’s a good atmosphere for me, do you know? I’m honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as her. She’s the best ever for some reason. I I admire the name very much. I don’t lightly call people the best ever, so it’s nothing but love for me. “

Meanwhile, the deal with Berator will soon bring about a call for a clash with another of the greatest in history by dominating a female featherweight champion. Chris Cyborg (24-2 MMA, 4-0 BMMA). Harrison admits she was intrigued by the possibility, but claims it’s a battle that isn’t hyped through the story of garbage.

“I think (Bellator) did a great job building the 145 division,” Harrison said. “Their champion, Cyborg, is another giant pioneer in the sport. Giant name. One of the best, not the best, but one of the greatest fighters of all time, and one of those who don’t want it. As you know, I think it’s a great test for me.

“Again, there is no hostility. There is no such thing as” I want to kill her “or” F * ck her “. Similarly, none of them. As she is another step on the road to greatness, and absolutely, I think Bellator is a great, great organization. I say nothing bad about them. Hopefully they will be a great place for me. “

Harrison has completely ruled out the idea of ​​returning to the emerging PFL, which has fought all but one of the career contests so far, other than the world’s two largest promotions that could compete for his service. Said not.

“I love PFL,” Harrison said. “I believe in that format. I believe in that system. I think that’s the future of MMA. You want to be more sports-based, and of these circus shows we’re doing today If you don’t want to be, I think you have to get the way to the title. If you want money, you have to win. It’s from both the fighter side and the promoter side of the MMA community. I think it will solve many complaints.

“I had a great experience. As you know, I grew up in that cage. There is only love. We can reach an agreement and understand it. Hope. I know they are bringing new talent. I know they are constantly pushing the boundaries, expanding and trying to make it better every year, and I I support it 100%. “

Eventually, Harrison said she intends to listen to the teams around her to guide her to the right decisions, but that she has some clarity by the end of the year. I want it. Meanwhile, she spends her vacation with her two children and hopes it’s time to put a pen on paper for a new deal. At the age of 31, she sharply points out that she is not always the last to sign.

“It’s really about what my coach thinks, what my advisor thinks,” Harrison said. “They all play a really big role in helping me make this big choice, and that doesn’t mean that this year is one way and next year is another. Who knows? Maybe I can do it all. Maybe I can make a lot of money, fight in every promotion and win everything. Maybe I’m a unicorn. Maybe I can really do it. I believe. “

Check out the video below to see a full interview with Harrison.

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Kayla Harrison weighs the potential battle of Cris Cyborg with Amanda Nunes Kayla Harrison weighs the potential battle of Cris Cyborg with Amanda Nunes

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