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Kazushi Miyamoto collides with Sudario Takeshi in the heavyweight set of Lysine 27. The MMA card will be held at the Japan Gaishi Hall in Nagoya.

The event ends on Sunday, March 21st, with Miyamoto vs. Sudario being featured fairly high on the main card.

Miyamoto spoke to me before this battle, and the passage from our conversation is below.


I’m a little curious about the general timeline of how this MMA debut was put together.

Did Lysine reach out to you, or was this like you reached out to them? Did you decide to challenge yourself? Was this what you always wanted to do? How did the MMA debut timeline here work?

“So this year marks my 20th anniversary as a professional wrestler. Throughout my career, I have achieved most of my childhood dreams as a professional. I have played the role of Omuta’s son. The Steiner Brothers, The Road Warriors, do you know? Everything I dreamed of when I was a kid made it happen. Looking back on my career, things I haven’t done yet There is one. It was to challenge myself with MMA, so I wanted to make my MMA debut on the 20th anniversary of my marriage, so I started training and targeting for the fight in the MMA organization. Last summer, that was when I started. “

How well does Kazushi Miyamoto know about mixed martial arts?

“So my direct coach when I entered the industry was Kendo Kashin. I’ve been aware of MMA since the early days of my career. I knew about MMA. I knew about MMA. Has been training MMA. “

Lysine FF

What does the training camp look like before this match?

“Kumi Kazushi posted on the internet, that’s the name of my independent promoter. My promotion as a professional wrestling promotion … I’m cross-training with some gyms and some fighters.”

Such a great lineage of professional wrestlers has switched to MMA and vice versa. I’ve noticed that some of Sakuraba’s former opponents and tag team partners are doing the same. Specific individuals such as Alexander Otsuka and Masakatsu Funaki.

Has he ever talked to some of his old wrestling compatriots who have already crossed over just to predict what will come there?

“Kendo Kashin, also known as Tokimitsu Ishizawa. He has contacted me and gave me a lot of advice on MMA.”

Miyamoto vs Sudario

At a very localized level, I find that one of Sudario’s former opponents, Dylan James, was a past opponent in a wrestling-like situation.

So, did you have any contact with Dylan James regarding the direct details related to the fight against Sudario?

“So (James) Raideen (aka Dylan James), he was my longtime rival. My good friend, one of my best friends I have to say. We talk about actually fighting again. It was, maybe now, about last year. Dylan fought against Sudario.. He lost to Sudario. So I have a desire to go there to make up for the loss of my friends. I take revenge on the loss of my friend and peep at that feeling somewhere. “


It’s an intriguing element of this battle that I certainly didn’t know before I heard it.

But when it comes to Sudario and what he brings to the table as a stylist, he’s an impressive ex-sumo wrestler. Now with 2-0 in MMA, there are some fairly emphasized first round finishes.

What do you think of Sudario as a martial artist and his entire skill set?

“Yes, to be honest, I don’t think he’s like a sumo wrestler. I think Sudario is a young, talented, big and strong fighter. He’s a legitimate heavyweight. “

Kazushi Miyamoto

A very skilled, fluid type of striker. Certainly there is no such sumo-like approach … Kazushi Miyamoto’s MMA debut effort seems to be based on what he said he had been training in martial arts for quite some time. ..

Obviously there is a mix of disciplines, but what does Kazushi say his basic style? Is he mostly a boxer or a wrestler? How does he characterize his basic style?

“It’s very difficult to answer that question in terms of what style I have. I really don’t have the answer to it. But if I have to answer, it’s me You would say it’s the original style of. “

What is it This big picture means that this is a one-off, kind of battle.

Do you have a desire to compete in multiple mixed martial arts matches? What is the timeline in that regard?

“So obviously this is the first time I’ve tried this MMA sport. So now I’m going to give it everything I have. Give it everything I have and it’s See where to take me. For now, I’m not really thinking before this fight. “

Wrestling and mixed martial arts at the same time?

“I think it’s likely that we will continue to compete in both ways, depending on how we proceed and feel.”

Well it would be fun to see. Certainly a talented professional wrestler in many ways. All Japan Wrestling, well-established at Zero-1.

But even at the North American level with Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor.I also saw him wrestling with certain people such as CM punk And AJ Styles.

Is there a follow-up to Kazushi Miyamoto’s North American professional wrestling scene?

“So my honest answer would be” yes. ” I want to return to the American and North American markets. But obviously, the overall situation of COVID is a tough time now. The whole pandemic. But once all this is resolved, I’ll definitely go back to the circuit if I get the chance. Meet my former rival. Compete with them again and I want to show them a new me. Especially after MMA debut. Challenge to new sports. I definitely want to fight again. “

Lysine 27

I was also interested in making a previous comment on how Sudario wanted someone who wasn’t a professional wrestler.

From the conversation with him, I think he was initially disappointed in playing against another professional wrestler.

Do you think it’s just a little bit, or is it trivial?

“I think he can speak freely. He can say whatever he likes. But that all comes down to a performance in the ring. So he tells everything. And he can say what he wants, but if he can’t speak in the ring, it will make him look stupid. “

Kazushi Miyamoto’s farewell feelings

“Hello, My name is Kazushi Miyamoto. I came from a place called Fukushima of Japan. Fukushima is a place disaster happened 10 years ago. And even now, not go home, there are people there is no house. So I want to go there and do a performance that can give them hope. Give them dreams and encourage them to continue. Stay positive in life. “

“So I’ll do my best. I’ll give everyone hope. And when the COVID situation is over, I really want to go back to America and play in front of North American fans. So please support me. “

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Kazushi Miyamoto talks about Sudario Takeshi’s match at Lysine 27 Kazushi Miyamoto talks about Sudario Takeshi’s match at Lysine 27

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