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Japan’s strong New Year’s Eve boxing tradition continued in 2020, with a great main event in which Kazuto Ioka stopped Kosei Tanaka in the eighth round to maintain the WBO £ 115 title.

Ioka (26-2, 15 KO) became Japan’s first four-department Titleist when he won the then-vacant WBO junior bantamweight belt in 2019, and was controversial with Macau’s Donnie Nietes on the same belt. Defeated Aston Paricte six months after his defeat. Like Ioka, Tanaka had already won the belt in 105, 108 and 112 in the match and wanted to add a fourth division to his record, but it wasn’t. did.

Tanaka (15-1, 9 KO), 25, fought well in many ways, but he and Ioka, 31, were almost in the fourth round. Tanaka succeeded because he wanted to be an aggressor, but Ioka calmed down and did a good jab, especially with the left hook to counter Tanaka and work hard to set the time.

Sure, the hook was different. Tanaka went down with a counter left hook in the second half of the 5th round, and dropped again in the 6th round with about 1 minute remaining. Tanaka fought hard to slow down Ioka’s momentum in the 7th round, but in the middle of the 8th round, he was blown up again by the counter left hook and caught Tanaka before the referee Michiaki Someya fell, and the battle ended. I told you. That was the right decision. Tanaka was standing up and the referee was lifting him. If he had gone to canvas, Someya was right to just stop fighting, so basically he saved Tanaka only in a fall.

After the match, Tanaka congratulated Ioka, paid great respect to the title holders, and received applause from the audience. He dared to chase another belt here, chase a really good fighter with a heavier weight, and lack in a very good fight. Tanaka is back. He could theoretically go back to 112, but he was there and did it. I think he seems to rebound at 115, but of course it could be wrong.

As for Ioka, he probably didn’t receive all the respect and coverage he deserved for years outside Japan. Part of that is that he’s mainly fighting Japan in the timezone and the lack of live viewing availability keeps the American media in most parts-this includes us and others. No one will shoot-but as such things expand and become more widely available, future Japanese fighters will enjoy the praise he sometimes doesn’t have. However, Ioka is a great fighter and has had great success in his professional career. Thanks to him, this may sound wild. I have not A big-time star, he has already claimed to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I’m not saying he’s rock or shoe-in, but he has won world titles in four weight classes and is still competing at a very high level.

Daigo Higa KO-5 Yuki Strong Kobayashi

While it lasted, an interesting battle, it was almost one-way. Higa (17-1-1, 17 KO) is a former WBC flyweight Titleist who lost his weight and then stopped at Christopher Rosales in 2018 to lose his belt. In the last October time-out, I had a hard time drawing 10 rounds with Saiya. Embankment.

This time he is an old and aggressive self, waving Kobayashi (16-9, 9 KO) early in the first round and winning every round with our cards to the end, and the official judge Were all the same.

However, 29-year-old Kobayashi was a tough guy who shot many big names, especially the clean right uppercut. From the second, he did his best to stand in his place, and as 25-year-old Higa leaked defensively, he landed some.

But the big ones were mostly from Higa, obviously damaging, and he finished things with a double right uppercut. It was a four-round money punch for him and it ended things in KO’s hell.

For a moment, Higa didn’t seem to have the 118 powers he had at 112 — and maybe he doesn’t have 100 percent of it — but he can definitely still crack. .. Will he be a serious bantamweight candidate? Over time, he was the first to look like Higa before Rosales in a few battles. Basically, I think 118 Higa’s quality will vary from fight to fight and from opponent to opponent, but I’m not going to discuss seeing him fight at this point either. He has a lot of fun when playing games.

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Kazuto Ioka will stop Kosei Tanaka in the 8th round and retain the WBO title Kazuto Ioka will stop Kosei Tanaka in the 8th round and retain the WBO title

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