Keanu Reeves starring in BRZ RKR movie and Netflix anime series – / Film

How people have been joking for years Keanu Reeves Is immortal, but the actor is trying to play the immortal warrior twice.

matrix Star is set to star BRZRKR It is a movie based on a new comic series depicting a warrior who has fought for 80,000 years, and also calls out to the anime series that expands the world seen in comics and movies.both BRZRKR Netflix is ​​lined with projects.

last year, Reeves added a “comic writer” to his impressive resume when he created the boom story.Studio comics BRZRKR, He co-authored Matt Kinto.. Comic No. 12 follows a character very similar to Reeves, who performs dangerous missions for the US government in exchange for historical information. This is a familiar story that has been portrayed many times in various media. Before. However, since Reeves is officially set to star in a live-action film, I hope Reeves can bring something fresh to that official. He will also replay his role in the spin-off anime series and speak out the character. The official description is as follows:

“”[BRZRKR is a] A cruel epic about the 80,000-year-old battle of the Immortal Warrior. The man, known only as “B,” is a demigod, cursed, and forced to violence at the expense of his sanity. But after centuries of wandering the globe, B may have finally found a haven-working for the U.S. government to fight a battle that is too violent and dangerous for anyone else. I am. In exchange, B is given one thing he wants-the truth about his endless blood-stained being … and how to end it. “

According to a Netflix press release, the film adapts the events of comic book execution, and the anime series “expands the world of BRZ RKR further by exploring different elements of the story.” The first issue of the comic series was reported to have debuted in October last year, but it was released on March 3, 2021, and according to Netflix, the first issue has already sold 615,000 copies, “nearly 30 years.” It is the best-selling release in. Year. “

The idea that Netflix locks it down isn’t surprising, but there are already active “franchises” that cover the rationale for very similar themes. Old guard, Charlize Theron starred as an immortal warrior.The movie The beginning of the trilogy, So I wonder if Netflix actually moves forward with both it and BRZRKR, or Old guard 2 It will be pushed out to the side.

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Keanu Reeves starring in BRZ RKR movie and Netflix anime series – / Film

https://www.slashfilm.com/brzrkr-movie/ Keanu Reeves starring in BRZ RKR movie and Netflix anime series – / Film

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