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Keep cool in hot markets

The Portland market is in a very difficult situation for buyers this season due to record shortages and multiple offers on the left and right. My client, Elaine, is a new portland transplant, a busy nurse towing two fur babies during a pandemic, and experienced its glory just in time.

She flew around short-term rentals with her pet while we were searching, after she recently sold her home in Seattle and essentially evacuated in Portland until she found the right one. .. Her situation could have really taken fun from the home buying process as we spent almost dark autumn and winter nights and rainy weekends to hunt and all her belongings were kept. There is. But for some reason, she not only kept her spirit and energy, but also kept her calm.

Elaine stuck to her goals and decided to find a solid fit.

Elaine remained open throughout the process, and when she found a house with all the checkboxes checked, she used creative terms to create multiple offer situations, even if it wasn’t the best offer submitted. Won. Sometimes it’s about being the best offer, not the best, and it’s important to have an experienced broker!

Congratulations to Elaine, Bentley, Winston! Welcome back!

Lauren Harley


After spending a decade climbing the ladder of marketing industry professionals, Lauren Harley was in desperate need of professional inspiration. So she did the most daunting, if not impossible. She jumped and asked for change. Fortunately for Lauren, she didn’t start with the first step of the ladder in front. Real estate, the daughter of a broker, has always been part of the conversation. The world of abandoned RMLS sheets, open house signs gathered in the rain, and a refrigerator full of leftovers from the Brokers Open House was all too familiar. So, although she didn’t always know it, Lauren was trained by her broker’s mom. Through penetration, she was learning how to negotiate, communicate, and best, and defend her clients. Her passion for Portland, home, history, architecture, design, and working with people has been constant throughout her life, but returning to the world of buying and selling Lauren’s home, her personal strengths and professionalism. It was consistent with being a broker who needed to understand how perfectly set up their skills. Whether you’re negotiating or advocating on your behalf, developing the city’s most idyllic districts, every corner of your knowledge, engaging and effective marketing campaigns, or always going beyond your obligations, Lauren Is the result of excellent client care completing all the details along the way. Lauren is pleased to lead buyers and sellers seamlessly and successfully through one of the most important emotional and financial decisions in life, and wants to hear from her mother many years ago. We hope. (But don’t tell her.) In that regard, taking special care of her clients is not only what Lauren is best at, but also what she wants to do. When she doesn’t meticulously criticize serif vs sans serif fonts, scarlet vs crimson, or brightness vs contrast and density usage, Lauren is Captain Salty Wheatenteria along the streets and rivers in the city. You’ll find that you’re taking a new vinyl record, tinkering with her ’78 VW bus, whipping cooking treasures, and doing your best to imitate the lines in court.

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Keep cool in hot markets Keep cool in hot markets

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