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The Pittsburgh Steelers faced Buffalo Bills only a few times in the opening round on Sunday, despite quarterback Josh Allen returning to the 54th pass during the match. It didn’t stop them from being among the most effective defenses of the week’s league in creating pressure.

Defense has been proficient in exerting pressure in some way over the last few years, which is why they have sacked the league in each of the last three times. They can put pressure on the front 4 or go home with an effective electric shock. Neither approach is surprising coming from Pittsburgh.

“We’re going to do what we can. Defense coordinator Keith Butler said Thursday about the team’s ferocious tendencies.” Sometimes we do blitzkrieg and sometimes we don’t. “

“We like the rush of four people. I think it was pretty good,” he added. “Last year we blit a little. It helped us. We’ve been leading the league in quarterbacks for the last three or four years. We have to keep doing that. We have to keep doing that. We need to keep putting pressure on quarterbacks. “

Bills has a fairly solid line of attack with a strong tackle position, but the coach feels that dropping a 7 against Allen is most effective and believes the front 4 will go home. In most cases, the strategy is settled.

They don’t necessarily duplicate the same blueprint as they are preparing to confront quarterback Derek Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders visiting the Steelers for their home opener on Sunday. Often, the best plan is the one your opponent is most unpredictable and unplanned.

I imagine they will hit the Raiders a little more. This is partly because they are accustomed to playing games under their belts and in the crowd at home. Inside the linebacker, Devin Bush and Joe Schobert are in a better position to do so. The former had experience playing games with a repaired knee, and Schobert now had the opportunity to perform a defense in Pittsburgh.

The Steelers love their A-Gap Blitz, and Bush and Schobert are both talented Blitzers. You need to be an inside linebacker here. So I’m sure Kerr will be thrown more at him in front of his face. Allen had.

And while the Steelers haven’t specified how it works, they’ve already strongly suggested using some three outside linebacker packages. Will it take the inner linebacker out of the field? Lineworker? Defensive back? Will they all rush passers-by?

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Keith Butler: “We’re going to do what we can” Weekly to put pressure on QB, Blitz, or No Keith Butler: “We’re going to do what we can” Weekly to put pressure on QB, Blitz, or No

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