Kenneth reacts to the fans who called him the story

Kenneth Niedermeier, a 90-day fiancée, responds worthy of a 90-day fiancé fan who claims that his story was written by a screenwriter.

Kenneth Kneadermeier 90 days fiance A fan who called him the story. Kenneth and Armand Rubio recently talked about raising a family and having Hannah’s brother.Indigenous people of Mexico Armando tends to give birth to babies Through in vitro fertilization (IVF). However, Kenneth is already 58 years old, so he thinks it’s best to adopt a child. The couple are confident about their decision to add new members to the family of three.In the last episode of 90th Fiance: Other Ways, They visited an orphanage for HIV children to understand the adoption process in Mexico.

The couple became emotional to meet all HIV + children, especially Kenneth, who witnessed the death of a friend due to HIV and AIDS. However, one of the orphanage staff revealed that the adoption process was very long and in some cases took four years to complete. Armando, 32, is enthusiastic about having a baby because he wants to have Kenneth’s lineage in his family.But Florida natives Kenneth already has four children, Prefer to start the adoption process. The couple decided to put this topic on the back burner and focus on preparing for the wedding.

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Critics believed that the entire scenario was fake and that TLC screenwriters should be more creative next time.Fans added (via @RachellHogan), “Should we really believe that Kenny and Armand have never talked about “children”?“Kenneth didn’t ignore the accusation and told critics that TLC didn’t make up their story. Reality check stars explained they were talking about having children. @Kan_tampabay), “Nothing was decided in my life, and after living together for a year and a half, Armand’s mind slowly changed his mind and was able to take a different perspective from mine.“”

Kenneth said that was why Armand brought up the children’s subject. Kenneth returned to the United States,in conclusion, “By the way, TLC doesn’t write anything about us. That is our reality.“Another fan supported Kenneth’s reaction, ( @eebeeyo), “They did, but it used to be the idea of ​​older children. The idea for a baby has just come up.” many 90 days fiance Viewers are also confused as to whether Armando and Kenneth should adopt or choose surrogacy. Some believe that Kenneth should not be discouraged from having a baby, while others believe that his thinking process behind adoption is very inspiring.

The conversation between Kenneth and Armand did not seem to be forged at all. In fact, it looked organic because they had different opinions. Still, it’s great to see Kenneth quickly crushing the fan’s beliefs and revealing his side of the story. Hopefully the couple will be able to make decisions in future episodes.At the moment they are parents Armand’s daughter Hannah and two fur babies, Cats and dogs. NS 90 days fiance Fans are confident that Armando and Kenneth will be great parents.

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Kenneth reacts to the fans who called him the story

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