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If your team needs a wide receiver that changes the game, this is a free agent class to find it. Sitting at the top of the list is Detroit Lions WR Kenny Goraday, who may be looking for a new landing site. If the Lions choose not to franchise the Goraday tag, he shouldn’t run out of possibilities. NFL The team calls.

When he looks for a new landing site, Kenny Goraday has all the skills needed to lead the team

While on the field, Kenny Golladay showed that the skill was the NFL’s top receive option. His rookie season was quiet, but this was expected as most WRs were the first season in the NFL. Goraday made 28 receptions at 477 yards and four touchdowns with 48 targets in his 11 games.

In 2018, under the new head coach Matt Patricia, Kenny Goraday quickly became Matthew Stafford’s favorite target. He caught 70 of 119 targets in 15 games with 1,063 yards and 5 touchdowns. Goraday’s success continued with the team until the third year. With 11 NFL-leading touchdowns, he caught 65 of 116 targets and built a new career in the 1,190-yard yard.

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With the upcoming free agent, many expected Kenny Golladay to move further into the NFL’s elite trunk. However, in 2020, injuries occurred and these expectations were quickly shattered.

Goraday struggled to stay in the field with free agents approaching

It would be an understatement to say that the 2020 season was a disappointment for Kenny Goraday. Goraday entered the season with great hopes that he would continue on an upward trajectory. He came back for a season of 1,000 yards and made 11 touchdowns. It’s even more impressive to remember that a year ago David Brow and Jeff Driskel were at the center.

Goraday missed the first two games of the season due to a hamstring injury in a condensed training camp. He managed to get back, but a hip injury on November 1st was enough to keep him away from the field in the end. Goraday played only five games and recorded 20 catches with 32 targets in 338 yards and two touchdowns. Until last season, Goraday has played 11, 15, and 16 games since joining the NFL.

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Since the sophomore season, Goraday is third in the number of yards per reception (minimum 100 catches) at 16.72, behind Tennessee Titans WR AJ Brown’s 17.43 and Los Angeles Chargers WR Mike Williams’ 17.29.

The Lions WR Kenny Goraday is a large frame WR (6’4 “) that brings the size you need in the” X “but gets the volume of the slot receiver (117.5 on average in 2018-2019). The Kenny Goraday is ready to bounce. There are numerous potential landing points to choose from with free agents.

Will the reduction in salary caps affect the WR of free agents seeking new landing sites in 2021?

The 2021 NFL salary cap fell sharply due to the loss of revenue for the 2020 season. Not yet agreed, but The current quote has a salary cap Range of about $ 185.5 million. Earlier this year, the NFL and NFLPA agreed on a $ 180 million floor, but could approach $ 190 million.

Therefore, the team will have to make difficult decisions about veterans and how bullish they can be with free agents. Does this prevent the new landing site from giving a large contract to sign the free agent WR?

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For someone like Lions WR Kenny Goraday, he may not see the best AAV, but his overall deal could be one of the biggest for WR. The market value of Spotrac is estimated $ 17 million and $ 85 million contracts over 5 years. If this happens, Kenny Golladay will be the top five highest-paying wide receiver in the NFL.

But if Lions don’t allow WR Kenny Goraday to go public and test free agents, this is all controversial. This is a true possibility.

If he hits a free agent, where is the potential landing site for Kenny Goraday in 2021?

The Detroit Lions can tag the WR as a franchise and keep him for another year.

After trading with Jared Goff, Lions and new head coach Dan Campbell need to give him a weapon to justify his huge deal. In the current situation, Lions are virtually no one on the roster except for the 2020 rookie Quintess Cephas. They just added Tyrell Williams, but neither is the WR1.

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If they are about to successfully begin the process of capsizing the ship, Lions will need to hold WR Kenny Goraday and return him to a free agent. Lions can also use the 7th Comprehensive Pick to pair Kenny Goraday with one of the top receivers: Jaylen Waddle From Alabama. Suddenly, the crime looks scary at D’Andre Swift, Kenny Golladay, TJ Hockenson, and potentially Waddle.

One of the potential landing sites for free agent Lions WR Kenny Goraday is the Baltimore Ravens.

For a team as good and competitive as Ravens, they don’t have a real pass game. Yes, Marquise Brown’s end-of-season numbers look good, but that mainly happened in the last few games. Also, the red zone on the outside of TE Mark Andrews is short of actual size.

If Ravens could seduce Kenny Goraday as a free agent, they could strengthen the WR spot and get a player 7 inches higher than the current WR1.

The New England Patriots will be the landing site for all famous free agents in 2021

The New England Patriots currently have the worst skill groups in the NFL. I don’t think it’s that close. N’Keal Harry is bust and Julian Edleman is injured at the age of 34. In 2020, their top WR was UDFA at North Carolina State University (Jakobi Meyers).

The Patriots are desperately in need of help at the receiver to regain the crown from Buffalo Bills. Sitting in the third largest cap space ($ 72.619 million), the attack requires a complete overhaul.

If Kenny Goraday chooses New England as the landing point, he will instantly become a favorite target for those in the center. The big question is whether Kenny Golladay wants to reunite with Matt Patricia.

Can the Philadelphia Eagles be a potential landing site for Kenny Goraday?

Eagles Pass game needs a lot of help in 2021.They seem to trust Jaylen Hearts in QB After trading Carson WentzWho will he throw next season? The Eagles are consistently tied to some of the best WR options in the draft and are the sixth choice overall.To My latest mock, I asked them to choose the best overall athlete in the Kyle Pitts draft.

If they bring Lions WR Kenny Goraday as a free agent, this gives them flexibility in their first round choices. You can also return the 2020 pick Jalen Reagor to a “Z” or slot.

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Kenny Goraday Landing Point: Lions WR Potential Suitors Kenny Goraday Landing Point: Lions WR Potential Suitors

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